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Statement of Accreditation
Louisiana State University and A&M College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Louisiana State University and A&M College.

LSU Continuing Education is a member of the University Professional & Continuing Education Association.
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Disability Accommodations
LSU IDL will make appropriate reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Specific accommodations must be determined by LSU Disability Services or by the equivalent office at the student’s own institution. Accommodations may be permitted for lesson assignments as well as for exams.
  • If you are an LSU Student with a disability and need assistance to obtain or arrange reasonable accommodations, contact the LSU Disability Services each time you enroll.
  • If you are not an LSU student and you are testing at the institution where you are currently enrolled and receiving accommodations, your exam administrator may provide your regular, approved accommodation.
  • If you are not an LSU student and will not test at a home institution, you should contact the LSU Disability Services for assistance.
Contact information for LSU Disability Services:
  • E-mail:
  • Online:
  • Telephone: (225) 578-5919
  • Fax: (225) 578-4560
  • Mail: Louisiana State University, Disability Services, 115 Johnston Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Students must request accommodations at least three weeks before they are needed, so that necessary documentation may be obtained and accommodations facilitated. Students must confirm that the test administrator is ready to provide the required accommodation by contacting that administrator prior to the intended test date. If a student chooses to take an exam without the approved accommodation, the exam will be graded and no exam retakes will be allowed. Accommodations cannot be provided after the exam has been taken.
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Our courses are taught by qualified faculty who are certified in their subject areas. The instructor has authority over evaluating and grading your required course work. Because IDL courses run continuously and the enrollment period is longer than a semester, you may have a change of instructor during your enrollment period, and the instructor is subject to change without notice. IDL cannot honor requests for a specific instructor.

If you need to contact your instructor concerning your lesson assignment, you may include a note with your completed assignment, or you may e-mail him or her at Your instructor does not have an office within the Independent & Distance Learning building. Instructors only answer questions related to course content. Please direct all other questions to our Learner Services office by e-mailing or by calling your assigned Learner Specialist.
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Who can take LSU Independent & Distance Learning courses?
Independent & Distance Learning courses are now offered online through the Online Distance Learning program. For more information or to enroll, visit Online Distance Learning at LSU.
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Credit earned in Independent & Distance Learning courses
LSU Independent & Distance Learning courses may be used for degree credit and can be applied toward the number of credit hours needed to obtain a degree. Independent & Distance Learning does not offer an external degree program.

Credit toward a Degree from LSU
Each college on the LSU campus has specific regulations regarding IDL courses. It is your responsibility to learn about any restrictions prior to enrolling in an Independent & Distance Learning course and to abide by any regulations that will apply to you. Specific information about the application of credit earned through the distance program (toward an LSU degree requirement) can be found in the LSU General Catalog.

Permission from your college counselor or dean must be obtained before enrolling in an Independent & Distance Learning course. It is your responsibility to know and comply with all of the requirements of your college or school concerning credit for distance program work.

In calculating which semester correspondence credit hours will be allocated, you should understand that the final exam must be taken before the end of the campus final exam period in order to be counted as credit hours for the current semester or term. Final exams taken after the campus final exam period, but before the beginning of the next semester or term, will be counted as credit hours for the next semester or term.

If you have been dropped from the University for scholastic, disciplinary, or attendance reasons, you may register for IDL courses on a noncredit basis only during the period in which you are ineligible to enroll at LSU.

Some restrictions may apply to LSU graduating seniors wishing to take an IDL course. If you are graduating, you must check with your counselor for any restrictions that may apply.

If you are a nonmatriculating student who may pursue an LSU degree in the future, you should check with your intended college or major department to verify that the course in which you are enrolling will be accepted for degree credit.

Credit toward a Degree from Another University
To use LSU distance-program credit to fulfill degree requirements at another university, you should obtain approval from the appropriate authority at that institution to ensure that the courses selected will be accepted by that institution. Online fact sheets are provided for you and your counselor to review. Upon successful completion of a course, it is your responsibility to arrange for a transcript to be sent to your university.

Credit toward a Teaching Certificate
If you teach in Louisiana and wish to use credit earned through IDL courses toward certification, you should consult the Director of Certification and Higher Education, State Department of Education, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804, (225) 342-3490, to determine which courses would be appropriate.

If you are working on teacher certification in another state, you should consult your state department of education before enrolling to ensure that credit will be accepted.

All teachers are advised to enroll in IDL courses before the end of the preceding semester or at the beginning of the last semester before certification is desired.

Credit for Self-Enrichment
If you enroll in a credit course for self-enrichment, you will receive college credit upon successful completion of the course, which includes passing the final examination. Credit will be filed in the LSU Office of the University Registrar.

Auditing Courses
You may not earn college credit by auditing an IDL course. If you audit a course and successfully complete it (including passing the final exam), you may request a certificate. Successful completion is defined as earning a course grade of "C" or better. Requests for a change from audit to credit or credit to audit must be received by Independent & Distance Learning before you submit your fourth lesson.

Graduate Students
The LSU Graduate School does not allow graduate credit for work done by the distance program at LSU or at any other university; however, other institutions may accept distance and independent learning courses for graduate credit. You are responsible for determining whether your degree-granting institution will accept LSU IDL work for credit. Graduate students at LSU who wish to take IDL courses (not for graduate credit) should consult the department that offers the course for advisement.

High-School Students
A high-school student may take IDL courses with the approval and signature of the student's principal or counselor on a paper application form. High-school students cannot enroll using the online application form.
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How to enroll
Independent & Distance Learning courses are now offered online through the Online Distance Learning program. For more information or to enroll, visit Online Distance Learning at LSU.
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Cost of courses
Undergraduate Course Fees
The tuition and fees for LSU IDL courses are based on the number of credit hours are shown in the Per Course Fee Schedule. Note that there is a $10 non-refundable processing fee for each course. Payment may be made in the form of a check, money order, or credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or Diner's Club). All checks must be payable to LSU and must be in U.S. funds, drawn on a U.S. bank. Likewise, money orders should be payable to LSU in U.S. funds. There is a $25 charge for returned checks. Cash payment can only be accepted at Independent & Distance Learning Office (1225 Pleasant Hall) during regular business hours. Please bring the exact amount of cash needed to pay the grand total calculated on your registration form because we cannot make change.

Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice.

Some of our courses include video and/or audio tapes or compact discs (CDs). Please refer to the course description section for details on the cost of tapes or CDs.

Please note that course fees do not include the cost of textbooks. For information on how to obtain course textbooks please refer to the bookstore list.

Non-Credit Course Fees
Fees for non-credit courses are stated in specific course descriptions.

Postage Fees
You are responsible for paying postage on all lessons you mail to Independent & Distance Learning. Corrected lessons are returned by first-class mail at our cost; however, there is a shipping and handling service charge of $50 per course if you live in a foreign country other than Canada or Mexico.
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Financial aid
Federal Financial Aid
If you are enrolled in a degree program and are currently receiving financial aid, consult with your financial aid office. Full-time LSU (Baton Rouge) students who are eligible for Pell Grants may be eligible for exemptions from specific fees. Contact the LSU Financial Aid office to request documentation of need-based fee exemptions. LSU IDL will participate in consortium arrangements for students who receive aid from their home institution.

Job Training Partnership Act
Under certain circumstances, Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) funding may be used for Independent & Distance Learning courses and supplies. Eligible JTPA clients should contact their local JTPA office for further details.

Tax Credits for Tuition
Current tax laws may allow you to claim tax credits on tuition for college courses. Consult the appropriate IRS publications or your tax preparer for the most up-to-date information.

Enrollment of Veterans
College-level Independent & Distance Learning courses may be approved under the 1966 Veterans' Readjustment Benefits Act ("Cold War" bill). Prior to enrolling, you should determine your eligibility for educational benefits by obtaining an authorized "Certificate of Eligibility" from your local Veterans' Administration (VA) regional office.

Under the terms of the approval policy, Independent & Distance Learning courses are defined as undergraduate courses leading to a college degree, not as correspondence courses. Therefore, they may be applied toward academic objectives but not toward vocational objectives, as is stated on the VA "Application for Program of Education."

To find out if you are eligible to enroll in our courses using one of the eligible VA education benefit programs (, you should contact your primary institution's VA official or the Department of Veterans Affairs directly at (800) 827-1000. You should then contact our office to determine what documents are needed for enrollment.

The enrollment certification submitted by Independent & Distance Learning to the VA will be for a period nine months, the length of the course. If a student finishes the course in less than nine months, it is imperative that he or she contact the VA Certifying Official at LSU IDL to submit an amendment to the VA. An Independent & Distance Learning course taken at LSU may be combined with residence courses at any approved college or university for VA purposes.

Additional details concerning VA benefits may be obtained from the nearest VA regional office.

In-School Deferments
LSU IDL will not process in-school deferments. IDL will provide the student with an enrollment verification letter, but can offer no further assistance with the deferment process. LSU has no mechanism for determining when an IDL student will earn college credit for an IDL course and, therefore, no criteria for determining half-time status. LSU has no institutional definition of half-time or full-time study by independent and distance learning.
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Exam administration
If you reside in the Baton Rouge area, you are required to take exams at LSU Independent & Distance Learning, 1225 Pleasant Hall, on the LSU campus (map). Also, any student who resides outside the Baton Rouge area may choose to take exams in our office. The LSU IDL testing center is open Monday through Friday. Testing is by appointment only. Please select "schedule an exam at lsu" in the navigation menu at the left if you are ready to schedule your test.

Students outside the Baton Rouge Area
If you are unable to take your exams at Independent & Distance Learning, your exams will be mailed to an approved exam proctor in your area. You must notify Independent & Distance Learning of the exam proctor and place of testing by submitting a Proctor Request Form at least two weeks before you plan to take your exam. Your exam proctor must meet LSU IDL’s standards for approval (Exam proctors). You must make arrangements with your proctor to take your exam within 30 days of the date the exam is received by the proctor. Always check with your proctor before reporting to the exam.

You may complete the form in your course guide or submit the information electronically using the online form on this website (click "proctor information" on the left).

Please do not submit proctors who do not meet our requirements for approval. Submissions that do not meet our stated standards will be rejected.

Louisiana Residents
If you live in Louisiana but are unable to take your exams at Independent & Distance Learning, you should take your exam at one of the designated testing centers listed under Louisiana Exam Sites. Exams are given only at the centers listed and only on the days and at the times specified.

Out-of-State Students
If you do not live in Louisiana, you must take exams at the testing center of an accredited community college/college/university or with a college administrator or a UCEA Independent & Distance Learning department. For full information about exam proctors, click here. If you live overseas, you should contact a local university or American embassy. If you are in the military, you should make arrangements with the education officer at your military base or at an accredited college testing location.
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Learning by independent study
You will have access to an electronic course guide that explains the material to be covered in the course. (In some cases, a printed course guide may be available.) In addition, you should purchase the required textbooks and any other required materials or study aids as soon as possible after you receive your packet.

In an Independent & Distance Learning course, you will complete a specified number of written assignments based on the readings. These assignments are to be submitted consecutively through the Internet (or in some cases, by mail or in person) to Independent & Distance Learning, at the rate of no more than three lessons per course per seven days. Most instructors will require you to type your assignments (unless you are in a mathematics course). The assignments are forwarded to the instructor, who evaluates them, makes comments, and assigns a grade. The corrected lessons are then returned to you. The graded lesson assignments should be used to improve your work in subsequent lessons. Lessons that are determined to be incomplete by your instructor will be assigned a grade of "I" and returned to you to redo and resubmit. Lessons with a grade of "I" must be resubmitted before you will be permitted to take an exam or receive a final course grade.

Under no circumstances should lessons be withheld and submitted all at once. We can accept only three lessons in any seven-day period, but lessons received a few days early will be held until they are eligible. Once a lesson has received a grade (other than "I") from the instructor, it may not be resubmitted for a higher grade.

It is the goal of Independent & Distance Learning to return your graded lessons as soon as possible. Delays in grading may occur during University holidays or vacation periods, as well as during University examination and registration periods.

LSU Independent & Distance Learning is not responsible for lessons lost in the mail or on the Internet; therefore, you are responsible to keep copies of your submitted lessons.

If you need to contact your instructor concerning your lesson assignment, you may include a note with your completed assignment, or you may e-mail him or her at Your instructor does not have an office within the Independent & Distance Learning building. Instructors answer only questions related to course content. Please direct all other questions to our student services office by e-mailing, or by calling your assigned Learner Specialist.

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Textbooks and other required materials
You must buy your own textbooks and other supplies. Neebo CONNECT is the official online bookstore for Louisiana State University Continuing Education. Neebo CONNECT and the LSU-area bookstores listed below are notified of the specific editions of the textbooks required for LSU Independent & Distance Learning courses. All of the bookstores listed below are independently owned and operated; they are not operated by Louisiana State University or LSU Independent & Distance Learning. Please be aware of refund and buy-back policies before you make your purchase.

Books may also be obtained from any vendor that sells college-level textbooks, including online booksellers, university bookstores, and publishers, but you must purchase the correct edition of the textbook(s). Independent & Distance Learning does not sell textbooks (any exceptions are specifically indicated in your course guide), so please do not send money for textbooks to Independent & Distance Learning.

5240 South 19th Street
Lincoln, NE 68512
Fax: 402/421-0781

Chimes Textbook Exchange (Gonzales location)
432 N. Burnside
Gonzales, LA 70737

Chimes Textbook Exchange
268 West Chimes St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Co-Op Bookstore
3960 Burbank Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

You must use the correct edition of the textbook, as specified in your course guide. Please take care to provide the correct information about the author, title, edition, and date of publication when ordering your books. If complete information is not given when the order is placed, the wrong edition may be sent. Ordering textbooks by the ISBN is preferred and will reduce the chance of ordering the wrong textbook edition.

Textbooks are subject to change. Throughout the year, course textbooks change. Your online or print-based course materials include a complete listing of the required textbooks and materials specific to your course. Check the "Syllabus" or "Introduction" section of your course materials for textbook information and have the ISBN available before you contact one of these bookstores for price and ordering information. Secondhand and paperback copies of textbooks are often available. If secondhand or paperback books are desired, make that request at the time the order is placed. Always refer to the ISBN when ordering your textbooks to ensure that you have the correct edition of the textbook required for your version of the course.

When contacting any of the listed bookstores, please tell the staff that you need a textbook for an Independent & Distance Learning course. Independent & Distance Learning courses often use different editions than campus sections of the same course.

Supplementary Reading Materials
If access to supplementary reading materials is required, try your local library. If it does not have the books, you should be able to request them through interlibrary loan services. If the library requires proof that you are taking an Independent & Distance Learning course, notify Independent & Distance Learning. You may use LSU's Middleton Library if you live in the Baton Rouge area, provided you have an I.D. card. In order to obtain an I.D. card, you will need a letter from Independent & Distance Learning verifying enrollment in the program.

Special Features and Enhanced Course Guides
Several courses contain special features and enhancements as part of the instruction.

Some courses offer online assignment submission and/or a course guide available to students on the Internet. To take advantage of this option, you must have access to a computer and to the Internet (you may also complete the course in the traditional manner—a computer is not required unless you wish to submit your lessons electronically). Refer to the course description section in the bulletin or the fact sheet for the course for further details. Online functions are continuously added.

Some courses require access to an audio cassette tape player/recorder or compact disc player. An audio materials fee must be paid at the time of enrollment unless indicated otherwise. If tapes or CDs are required, the audio materials fee has been added to the course cost listed in the course description. If the tapes or CDs are optional, you may purchase them at the time of enrollment by paying the fee. If the listening component of the course is normally included in the textbook purchase price, there is no additional fee.

Some courses require access to a video cassette tape player (VCR). The cost for a video tape or tapes is usually $25. For some of our courses, acquisition of a video tape is a requirement and payment must be made at the time of enrollment, or you may be required to rent videos from your local video store or other source. For other courses, the video tape is an optional supplement that can be requested and paid for at any time during the enrollment period. Please refer to the course description section for details concerning tapes.

Some courses require access to a computer. Please refer to the course description section for further details.

Other courses may require access to e-mail. Please refer to the course description section for further details.
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Time allowed to complete a course
Nine months is the maximum time allowed to complete an Independent & Distance Learning course, but you may choose to finish the course in less time or apply for a three-month extension for an additional fee.

You may begin work on an IDL course at any time of the year. Most three-hour courses have approximately fifteen lessons and two exams, and you may submit a maximum of three lessons per seven days per course for the duration of the enrollment period. You are allowed nine months from the date of enrollment to complete a course.

You must take your final exam by your expiration date. Additional time beyond your expiration date cannot be granted to take the final exam, even if all other course work is completed.

If you have not completed a course within this specified period, you may be granted a three-month extension if this is requested before the expiration of the nine-month period. If an extension is necessary, it must be requested before the expiration of the course; otherwise, you will be dropped from the course at the end of the nine-month period.
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The grading system
The grading system used in IDL courses is the same as that used in campus courses. The definitions for letter grades when used in undergraduate courses are presented below.
  • The letter grade A, including A+ and A-, denotes distinguished mastery of the course material.
  • The letter grade B, including B+ and B-, denotes good mastery of the course material.
  • The letter grade C, including C+ and C-, denotes acceptable mastery of the course material.
  • The letter grade D, including D+ and D-, denotes minimally acceptable achievement.
  • The letter grade F denotes failure.  

References to specific letter grades in university regulations and requirements refer to the full letter grade range. For example, if a grade of C is required, a student must achieve a final grade in the C range (i.e. C+, C, or C-) or better.

A grade of “P” (pass) denotes satisfactory completion (grade of “C” or better) of advanced-standing or proficiency examinations, pass-fail option courses, and certain other courses. A grade of “NC(no credit) indicates that no credit is earned.

An "I" can be assigned only for unintentional omissions or oversights. You may not request an "I" for any lesson. Blank paper or non-related work is not considered an incomplete. If little or no work is submitted, the lesson does not qualify as a submitted lesson and will not appear or remain on your record. You will be required to resubmit the lesson within our program requirement of three lessons per seven-day period.

The criteria for receiving credit varies from course to course; they are listed in your course guide. Some courses require that you pass the final exam, and others require that you earn a cumulative passing score on multiple exams. Check your course guide for the exam requirements for your course. If the exam criteria are met, the final course grade will be determined according to the grading policy stated in the course guide. Exams may be taken only once in each course.

If you fail a course and want to receive credit, you must re-enroll and pass the course.

If you submit incomplete lessons, the final grade for the course will not be released until the lessons are resubmitted and accepted by the course instructor.

Pass/Fail Policy
LSU students should refer to the LSU General Catalog for information regarding the pass/fail (P/F) policy. For non-LSU students, the following rules apply:
  • You must request pass/fail status before you submit the fourth lesson.
  • Grades of "D" or "F" are considered failing grades.
  • If you opt for pass/fail, you cannot change your status under any circumstances.
  • You are responsible for making sure your college will accept a pass/fail grade.
Course Credit
For LSU undergraduate courses, credit is filed with the LSU Office of the University Registrar. Upon completion of your course, you can view your grade under the "check grades" section of our website. If you need a written record of your course grade, you must request a transcript from the University Registrar. Requests for transcripts must be made in person or in writing directly to the University Registrar. For information on requesting your transcript, please visit the University Registrar's website and click on "student services," or send an e-mail to

The final exam must be taken before the end of the campus final exam period for credit hours to be counted for the current semester or term. Final exams taken after the campus final exam period, but before the beginning of the next semester or term, will be counted as credit hours for the next semester or term.

Grade Appeals
You are allowed three months from the date the final grade is posted to appeal your final course grade. Appeals must be made in writing. Your written appeal must include the following:
  1. Name.
  2. Enrollment number.
  3. Course.
  4. Contact information, including a mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  5. Statement of appeal (briefly describe the grade/decision/action under appeal, and include the date the appealed action occurred).
  6. Requested remedy. (Briefly describe the relief requested.)
  7. Supporting rationale. (State your specific argument/reasons why this appeal should be granted. You may attach supporting documentation.)
To submit an appeal, contact your assigned Learner Specialist. All appeals must be sent directly to LSU IDL and not to an instructor. IDL will ensure that all appeals are directed to the appropriate faculty or reviewing authority. Steps in the process are the same as those outlined in the LSU General Catalog. Appeals of other actions, such as mid-course exams or assignments, follow these same procedures and must be received within three months of the exam or assignment submission date. It is always advisable to make an appeal as soon as possible. Please be aware that grades may be lowered as well as raised upon re-evaluation.
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Uncompleted courses
If you do not complete the course requirements by the end of the nine-month enrollment period, your enrollment will expire and you will be dropped from the course. Provided you do not report for and view the final exam, no record of your enrollment will be forwarded to the registrar. If you wish to continue working on the course, you must request an extension. If you do not want to complete the course, no action is required.

Withdrawal from a Course
You may withdraw from an IDL course at any time prior to taking the final examination. If the final exam is not taken, no entry will be made on your official record. However, if you report to the examination and view any portion of the final exam, you will receive a grade.

Refund of Fees
An 80 percent refund of enrollment fees (excluding the $10 processing fee) will be granted if both of the following conditions are met:
  • You make a written request within one month after the date of enrollment; your request must include your name, enrollment number, and course number.
  • No lessons have been submitted in the course to Independent & Distance Learning.
If you paid your fees by check, you should not expect your refund until at least eight to ten weeks after your refund request is received. If you paid by credit card, your credit card account will be credited. If your course includes audio or video tapes and you request a refund, you will be refunded the cost of the tapes, provided you return the tapes in good condition.

Extension of Enrollment Period
Enrollment in an Independent & Distance Learning course may be extended for one three-month period for a fee of $25. Fees for extensions are to be sent separately from written assignments and must be received by Independent & Distance Learning prior to the expiration of the nine-month enrollment period. You may send a check or money order with a written request, or submit your extension request online here and charge the fee to a credit card. Once the Office of the University Registrar has been notified that you have been dropped from a course, it is not possible to extend the enrollment. If you are a student within the LSU System and have a college deadline, you must have your college deadline changed before we can change to your enrollment period.

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Guidelines for success
While there are no magic formulas for success, there are some guidelines that should be followed:
  • One of the most important components for success in an independent-learning course is time management. A certain amount of time should be set aside on a routine basis. You should try to study at the time of day when your concentration is at its highest.

  • Most of our three-hour courses contain between twelve and twenty lessons and two or three exams. As a rough guide, seven to ten hours should be allocated per lesson for each course. In addition, leave time to incorporate the instructor’s feedback and to prepare for the exams.

  • Although you are allowed to submit a maximum of three lessons per seven days, you are encouraged to work at a slower pace, provided your schedule allows this. This office allows nine months to complete a course, but your own college or university may set a more restrictive deadline.

  • Maintain self-discipline and self-motivation. These qualities should be easier to maintain if time management is already in place. Success is largely dependent upon commitment to the course. Each of you has a unique way of motivating yourself—whatever the method, self-motivation is a crucial component to success.

  • Plan your course completion schedule with care so that you have plenty of time to submit all lessons and have your exams received in our office at least thirty days before the date when you need your final grade. Take mailing time into consideration if you are mailing lessons using the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Use the help that is available:
    Each course contains an introduction or syllabus that explains the instructor's expectations. Be certain to read and follow this information. In addition, scan the course to see if any supplementary work—such as field work, interviews, book reviews, or term papers—is involved.

    The instructor will grade the lesson assignments and provide feedback. Be certain to read the feedback and use it to improve subsequent lessons.

    Make a copy of lesson assignments before submitting them.

    Independent & Distance Learning staff is committed to assisting you—please call your assigned Learner Specialist. We will do our best to help with any problems that may arise.
What to avoid
  • Do not order textbooks before receiving or logging in to the course material. Although we try to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, there are times when the textbooks change between publication dates.

  • Do not complete all lessons at one time under any circumstances. Learning is a step-by-step process that will be greatly enhanced by working at a reasonable pace and reviewing graded work.

  • Remember that Independent & Distance Learning will not accept more than three lessons within seven days per course.

  • Do not rely too heavily on your textbook when doing your lesson assignments. To be prepared for an exam, you must learn the material assigned by your instructor in the course guide, not just look answers up in the textbook.

  • Do not wait until the last minute to take your exams, as it might not be possible to get your final grade in time to meet your deadline. Your final exam should be completed and received in our office at least thirty days before you need your course grade. Do not discard your study materials or sell your textbook until your final course grade has been posted in the "check grades" section of our website.

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Office hours
Office Hours & Holiday Information
Independent & Distance Learning (map) is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. (central time). It remains open throughout the year except for Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, Mardi Gras Day, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, two days at Thanksgiving, and approximately two weeks around the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

For information on contacting our office, see the contact information section of this website.

Course Fact Sheets
The course fact sheets give detailed information on the content of the courses, the nature of the examinations, and how the final grade is assessed. To view fact sheets on the Internet, visit the college courses section of this website.
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Louisiana State University information
The University
LSU is one of only twenty-five universities nationwide designated as both a land-grant and sea-grant institution, and it was designated a space-grant institution in 2005. It also holds the Carnegie Foundation's Doctoral Research--Extensive designation. LSU's instructional programs include 202 undergraduate and graduate/professional degrees.

LSU today holds a prominent position in American higher education and is committed to meeting the challenge of pursuing intellectual development for its students, expanding the bounds of knowledge through research, and creating economic opportunities for Louisiana. LSU is in a state of dynamic transformation—changing and evolving to meet the needs of its students, faculty, and the people of Louisiana.

To learn more about LSU, click here.

Continuing Education
LSU's Continuing Education reaches out to more than 60,000 lifelong learners per year by extending the University's resources to people in Louisiana, the nation, and the global community.

In addition to Independent & Distance Learning, the division programs provide outreach opportunities in the following areas:
  • Professional Development
  • Youth Programs
  • Personal Enrichment
To learn more about Continuing Education or programs in these areas, navigate to
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Official transcripts
If you want an official transcript to be sent to you, another person or an institution, a request must be made directly to the University Registrar. For information on requesting your transcript, please visit the University Registrar's website and click on "student services," or send an e-mail to

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How many courses can I take?
If you are enrolled in college, you should check with your college or university for its policy on students taking distance-program courses. As a general rule, full-time college students are advised to take no more than two IDL courses simultaneously.
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An important word about academic integrity
About Academic Integrity
You are responsible for completing and submitting your own written or oral course work and preparing your own lessons. All work submitted in the lesson assignments must be your own unless proper acknowledgment of outside material, including Internet sources, is provided. Assignment answers should not be copied verbatim from the textbooks or copied from published answer keys or study guides. It is unacceptable to use the work of another person or to allow work to be used by another student. It is also unacceptable to copy directly from your textbook or to use published answer keys or the teacher's edition of a textbook. Dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated.

Examinations must also represent your own work and must be completed in the presence of an approved supervisor without the assistance of books, notes, devices, or outside help, unless specified otherwise in the exam directions. If you give information to a dishonest student, you are considered as guilty as the dishonest student.

Suspected violation of this policy will result in referral to LSU Student Advocacy & Accountability (SAA), a unit of the Dean of Students. If found responsible of a violation, you will then be subject to whatever penalty SAA determines and will forfeit all course fees. IDL reserves the right to deny enrollment to any applicant or to discontinue the enrollment of any student who is in violation of the IDL academic honesty policy.

Independent & Distance Learning reserves the right to require you to take an examination at the testing center it chooses when there is doubt about the proctor you suggested or about your previous work submitted for evaluation. You are to pay for any cost involved in having an exam supervised.

LSU has very strict regulations regarding the administration and taking of exams that must be carefully followed by proctors and students. If Independent & Distance Learning has any question or concern about the administration of an exam, LSU reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to require you to retake an examination. If asked to retake an exam, you will be notified within thirty days of the original examination. Grades will be awarded on the basis of the second exam only.
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Postal Service
Use of the Postal Service
You are responsible for paying postage on all lessons you send to Independent & Distance Learning. Corrected lessons are returned by first-class mail at our cost; however, there is an air mail service charge of $50 per course if you live in a foreign country other than Canada or Mexico.

You must take mail time into consideration when determining the amount of time it will take to complete a course. It may take seven or more days for a lesson assignment to reach Independent & Distance Learning and the same amount of time to get back to you. Sometimes lessons are lost in the mail; therefore, you must make copies of all your lessons. Independent & Distance Learning does not accept responsibility for lessons that are not received. Lessons that are not received must be redone and resubmitted by the student within our three lessons per seven days policy. Lessons are recorded as received on the date they are received in our office, if eligible (not the date they were mailed).

Exams often have a longer mail time than lessons. Take your exam well in advance of the date you need your grade, to allow for additional mail time. Exams that are lost in the mail will have to be retaken.
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Louisiana testing centers
Louisiana Testing Centers
If you live in Louisiana and are enrolled in a college-level Independent & Distance Learning course, you must take your examination at one of the following testing centers, or at the LSU Independent & Distance Learning in Baton Rouge. Contact the individual testing center to confirm times and for information on any testing fees.

LSU IDL will send examinations to any correctional institution.

LSU at Alexandria
(318) 427-4492
8100 Highway 71 South
Office of Student Support
Alexandria, LA 71302
Katie Cooley, Testing Coordinator
Monday–Friday 8:00 A.M.–4:30 P.M., by appointment

Bossier City
Bossier Parish Community College
(318) 678-6002
6220 East Texas Street
Building D-203
Bossier City, LA 71111
Cheryl Wieser, Coordinator
Call to verify hours, rules, and procedures

LSU at Eunice
(337) 550-1390
P. O. Box 1129
Eunice, LA 70535
David Pulling, Director, Continuing Education
Call for appointment

Fort Polk/Leesville
Northwestern State University
(337) 392-3116
3329 University Parkway
Leesville, LA 71446
Martha Koury, Coordinator, Student Services
By appointment

Grambling State University
Center for Academic Assessment
(318) 274-6260
P. O. Box 4225
Grambling, LA 71245
Francheska Jones, Director
By appointment only
This proctor is available to Grambling University Students only.

Southeastern Louisiana University
(985) 549-3897
Testing Center
SLU 10750
Hammond, LA 70402
Mary Koppenol, Testing Proctor
By appointment only

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
(337) 482-6480
P. O. Box 44010
Lafayette, LA 70504
Wanda Clark, Supervisor of Testing Services
By appointment only

Lake Charles
McNeese State University
(337) 475-5142
Testing Office
P. O. Box 91655
Lake Charles, LA 70609
Andrea Burton, Testing Officer
Monday–Friday, by appointment 8:30 A.M.–4:30 P.M.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe
(318) 342-3022
Extended Learning and Quality Enhancement
700 University Avenue
Library 109
Monroe, LA 71209
Katie Smith, Coordinator
By appointment

Northwestern State University
(318) 357-5246
Testing Center
Kyser Hall 401G
Natchitoches, LA 71497
Christie Price, Interim Director, Department of Testing
Monday–Thursday, 8:00 A.M.–4:30 P.M.

New Orleans
Loyola University
*This proctor is available to Loyola students only.
(504) 865-2990
Academic Resource Center
6363 St. Charles Avenue. Box 41
New Orleans, LA 70118-6143
Sarah Smith, Director

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
(504) 282-4455
3939 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70126
Paul Gregoire, Registrar
Monday–Friday, 8:00 A.M.–5:00 P.M.

Tulane University
School of Continuing Studies, Elmwood Campus (504) 862-8650
800 E. Commerce Road, Suite 100
Harahan, LA 70123
Kim Black, Advisor
This proctor is available to Tulane University students only.

University of New Orleans
(504) 280-TEST
Milneburg Hall, Room 216
Lakefront Campus
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148
Michael McMurray, Director of Testing Services
By appointment

Louisiana Tech University
(318) 257-4882
Department of Testing & Disability Services
318 Wyly Tower
P. O. Box 3009
Ruston, LA 71272
Stacy Lolley, Coordinator
By appointment during regular office hours

LSU in Shreveport
(318) 797-5128
Continuing Education
One University Place
Shreveport, LA 71115
Cheryl Irvin, Coordinator
Monday–Friday, twice a day at 9:00 A.M. or 1:30 P.M

Nicholls State University
Academic Testing Center
(985) 493-2599
P. O. Box 2186, 212 Elkins Hall
Thibodaux, LA 70310
Elaine Benoit, Coordinator of Testing
By appointment only;
Nicholls State students must have permission from their college counselor or dean before taking an IDL course for credit.

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Exam proctors
Courses have two or three proctored exams. If you are unable to take your exams at LSU IDL offices, you must identify a proctor to administer your exams locally, and submit information about the proctor to LSU IDL for approval. You may do this using the form provided in your course guide packet or through the website (click "proctor information" on the navigation menu at left). You will need to provide the proctor’s name, title, institution, office address, phone number, and e-mail address.

You are responsible for any fee charged by the exam administrator for proctoring your exam.

If you are taking your exam in Louisiana, a list of pre-approved exam proctors is provided for you (Louisiana Testing Centers). If you live outside of Louisiana, check the list of pre-approved proctors to see if there is one in your area. Click here to go to Find A Proctor.

If there is no pre-approved proctor available, to identify an exam proctor, contact the testing or assessment center at the accredited post-secondary institution you attend, or which is nearby. You may also arrange for testing at any University Continuing Education Association-member Independent And Distance Learning department. If your institution has no testing office, please ask your academic counselor for the location of testing services on your campus. If no testing center exists, you may request approval for a full-time faculty member or administrator of an academic unit of a local college or university that is regionally accredited, or an ALA-accredited librarian at an academic or public library. We cannot approve persons who work part-time or as adjuncts or graduate students at a college or university; nor can we approve co-workers, personal friends, relatives, tutors, neighbors, personal advisors, pastors, employers, schoolteachers or administrators (elementary, middle, high school), any person associated with the athletic department or sports program of a college, university, or high school, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest. An exam must be sent to the academic work address of the proctor. Exams may not be sent to any person’s home, to a primary or secondary school, a place of worship, or a private business.

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