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Policies & Procedures
Administering Exams

Please follow all guidelines to ensure the validity of the exam.

Before the exam
  • Check ID: Check the identification of the student before the examination is administered. Require a picture ID for students whom you do not know personally.

  • Check exam: Make sure that this is the correct examination for the course in which the student is enrolled. Please check the course number and type of exam (mid-course or final) with the exam information at the top left of the exam cover sheet. Contact us right away if there is any discrepancy.

  • Special Instructions: If the student is allowed materials other than the exam and a pencil/pen, it will be noted in Special Instructions.

    • Programmable calculators are not allowed. Most calculators with large screens are programmable.
    • Additional sheets of scratch paper are allowed if specifically noted. Otherwise, the student may use the backs of the exam sheets for scratch paper. All scratch paper or notes must be turned in with the exam.

  • Determine to the extent possible that the student is emotionally, mentally, and physically ready to take the exam.

During the exam
  • Conduct the entire examination in one time period. Before starting the exam, check the exam for the amount of time allowed, and be sure that amount of time is available.

  • Remain with the student until the entire exam is completed.

  • Ensure that the student does not receive any assistance other than those items listed in the Special Instructions section of the exam cover sheet.

After the Exam
  • Sign the certification on the cover sheet when the student has completed the examination.

  • Do not copy any portion of the exam.

  • Mail the exam, the studentís responses, and scratch sheets or notes (if any were allowed and used) to the LSU's Office of Independent and Distance Learning in the business reply envelope provided. Please use the mailing cover sheet that was supplied with the exam. Make sure the student data on the sheet appears in the window of the return envelope.

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