2014 State Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Category Winners:
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Joshua M. Courtney Carmel Hill School "Condition Factors in Fish as Bioindicators of Oyster Overharvesting in the Calcasieu Estuary"
2nd animal sciences James M. Desselle Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences "Corn verses Laying Pellets"
3rd animal sciences Mattie Harrington First Baptist Church School "What colors are dogs most attracted to?"
4th animal sciences Grace Estevez Harry Hurst Middle School "Skipped A Beat?"
HM animal sciences Kathryn C. Simon
Jai-Li Colucci
Southeastern Laboratory School "Rabbit Senses"
1st behavioral and social sciences Laura A. Derbonne Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Get a Grip: Making a Fist to Improve Memory"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Chloe S. DeRouen Highland Baptist Christian School "Did Eye Witness That?"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Carson Hebert Houma Christian School "Did You See That"
4th behavioral and social sciences Atula A. Danivas Alexandria Country Day School "Mythical Multitasking"
HM behavioral and social sciences Kirsten L. Sibley Webster Jr. High "Survey Says: A Comparison of Survey Responses and Return Rates"
1st biochemistry Priya Balamurugan Glasgow Middle School "Can we control the rate of drug delivery in hydrogels? A study using gelatin hydrogels"
2nd biochemistry Anisha A. Lal Grace Episcopal School "Farm to Table: Science or Marketing"
3rd biochemistry Olivia B. Beauvais Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Are Homemade Detergents Really Greener?"
4th biochemistry Alec J. Pitney Benton Middle School "Sugar Type and Fermentation"
HM biochemistry Avery Miller Sacred Heart "The Magic of Marinades"
1st cellular and molecular biology Anusha Zaman Glasgow Middle School "Betel leaf and tobacco change the gene expression in human broncho-epithelial (BEAS-2B) cells"
2nd cellular and molecular biology Patrick Herke Westdale Middle School "Optimizing the Traditional Ethanol-EDTA Purification Protocol for DNA Sequencing"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Landon M. Laviolette Parks Middle School "Can I Extract DNA From A Kiwi?"
4th cellular and molecular biology Amiya L. Lumar West St. John Elementary "Rotten Stinky Fruit"
HM cellular and molecular biology Torrian Moore Lake Pontchartrain Elementary "Finger Printing"
1st chemistry Rebecca Bell Christ Episcopal School "Does Distillation Affect the pH of Liquids?"
2nd chemistry Savannah A. Sues Alexandria Country Day School "No Crying in the Kitchen"
3rd chemistry Christopher Arroyo Our Lady of Lourdes "How Do Different Substances Affect the Rate of Dry Ice Sublimation?"
4th chemistry Lyrren O. Mwaghore J.B. MARTIN MIDDLE SCHOOL "Apples to Apples "
HM chemistry Palmer Miley Providence Classical Academy "Does the Acidity of Coffee Vary or Change with Different Brewing Styles?"
1st computer science Matthew R. Perniciaro John Curtis Christian "READY, SET, RAM. "
2nd computer science David M. Broussard J.B. MARTIN MIDDLE SCHOOL "The Regulation of Pictorial Representation of Executiable Binaries Via A Near-Immediate Commencing Mechanism "
3rd computer science Alexandra Albrecht F.K. White Middle School "Creating with Scratch!"
4th computer science Delaney Ferrer Houma Junior High School "Camera Ready Photo Compression vs. Photo Quality"
HM computer science Gabrielle M. DeBarbieris St. Tammany Jr. High School "Help! What File Format Should I Use For My Favorite Photo?"
1st earth and planetary science Paola Colmenares Saint Margaret Mary School "Brr...It`s Cold Up Here!"
2nd earth and planetary science Scott V. Hawkins Christian Brothers School "Geothermal: Free Energy?"
3rd earth and planetary science Donavan J. Butter St. Mary`s Assumption School "Tornado Warning"
4th earth and planetary science Noah Comeaux St Margaret Catholic School "Old Wives Tale or True Theory"
HM earth and planetary science Caden Gros Napoleonville Middle School "A Windy Solution"
1st engineering: electrical and mechanical Deepti Vaidyanathan Glasgow Middle School "Follow the Sun"
2nd engineering: electrical and mechanical Christopher Barron Little Oak Middle School "Generator Greatness"
3rd engineering: electrical and mechanical Zhane Harris Kenilworth Science and Technology "Lithium Ion Battery Revolution"
4th engineering: electrical and mechanical Alexis Froeba Raymond K. Smith Middle School "Jacob`s Ladder"
HM engineering: electrical and mechanical Evan Leleux Alexandria Country Day School "Wingtip Wonders"
1st environmental management Savannah Green Winnfield Middle School "Nanotechnology and Magnets: Going Small to Clean Up Big Oil Spills"
2nd environmental management Sarah Joy Graham Northlake Christian School "Watershed Simulator"
3rd environmental management Cody Chandler Pollock Elementary "Nanotechnology Vs. Oil"
4th environmental management Liam McDuff Catholic High School "Is Bottled Water Safer?"
HM environmental management Christopher Q. Ferrier Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Keeping it Cool"
1st engineering: materials and bioengineering Caroline Whisonant Winnfield Middle School "Lips, Camera, Action: Formulating Shine"
2nd engineering: materials and bioengineering Ishwari G. Joshi Woodlawn Middle School "Up,Up,and Away! How Do the Wings of a Paper Airplane Affect its Performance?"
3rd engineering: materials and bioengineering Cade H. Mataya J.B. MARTIN MIDDLE SCHOOL "Sounds of Silence"
4th engineering: materials and bioengineering Harrison K. Rhymes Grace Episcopal School "Some Like It Hot...Maybe Not? Conserving Energy with Insulated Windows"
HM engineering: materials and bioengineering Ethan S. LeBlanc Alexandria Country Day School "Bullet Proof...Or Not?"
1st energy and transportation Bruce K. Micelle Oakdale Middle School "Got Drag!"
2nd energy and transportation Kalyn A. Green Albert Cammon Middle School "H2O, How Far Can You Go?"
3rd energy and transportation Devin P. Schexnayder Lutcher High School "Rocking the Boat: Part II"
4th energy and transportation Austin C. Thombs Boyet Junior High "Is More Always Better?"
HM energy and transportation Adam C. Moeller Mandeville Junior High "Cooking Up Hydrogen"
1st environmental sciences Syed M. Ahmed Glasgow Middle School "The Future of Wind Turbines"
2nd environmental sciences Preston J. Nielson Glasgow Middle School "What`s in Your Water"
3rd environmental sciences Maja E. Johnson Herndon Magnet School "Testing The Ozone"
4th environmental sciences Cade C. Windstein John Curtis Christian "Where is the most Air Pollution in my House?"
HM environmental sciences Emily Self Glenbrook School "Kermit Was Wrong, It Is Easy Being Green"
1st mathematical sciences Elizabeth Shelton Alexandria Country Day School "What a Difference a Word Makes"
2nd mathematical sciences Jadon B. Roy Grace Episcopal School "THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER"
3rd mathematical sciences Annabeth Briley Sacred Heart "Making Money: Finding the Most Profitable Path for Your Savings"
4th mathematical sciences Linda N. Denson Benjamin Franklin Elementary "Can Sudoku and Flow Free Improve Math Ability?"
HM mathematical sciences Luca B. Busalacchi J.B. MARTIN MIDDLE SCHOOL "Batter Up "
1st medicine and health sciences Sunjay Letchuman
Robert Brown
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Peanut Allergy: An Epidemiological Study of two Caddo Parish Schools "
2nd medicine and health sciences Anugrah Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Hidden Dangers of Sceondhand Smoke"
3rd medicine and health sciences John H. Schmidt John Curtis Christian "Does Genetics play a Factor in being Left or Right Handed?"
4th medicine and health sciences Russell C. Mixon, IV Immaculate Conception Cathedral School "SPF in Sunscreen Makes a Difference, or Does It?"
HM medicine and health sciences Allison G. Trawick First Baptist Church School "HOT OR COLD: DOES TEMPERATURE AFFECT ASTHMA?"
1st microbiology Samuel Li Glasgow Middle School "Effective Ways to Fight Mold: Chemical or Natural?"
2nd microbiology Jonathan C. Roy Grace Episcopal School "MICRO MADNESS"
3rd microbiology Matthew Lyon St. Peter Catholic School "Bacteria Falaya River (Analysis of Coliform bacteria in the Bogue Falaya river)"
4th microbiology Dylan R. Scott Benton Middle School "UV Light vs. Bacteria"
HM microbiology Haley Pendarvis
Madelyn Barton
Winnfield Middle School "Dirty Despensors"
1st physics and astronomy Kyle Grieshop Harry Hurst Middle School "Can you Handle the Heat"
2nd physics and astronomy Kyle J. Currie Mandeville Junior High "The Magnetic Masterpiece"
3rd physics and astronomy Emmett L. McComiskey Christ Episcopal School "Does the mass of an airsoft bullet affect how it travels through foam"
4th physics and astronomy Katie Assaf Westdale Middle School "Cause and Effect: Our Solar System"
HM physics and astronomy Tristen Roussell Pollock Elementary "Under Pressure"
1st plant sciences Catherine E. Rockwell Mandeville Junior High "The Nontraditional Way of Gardening"
2nd plant sciences Nathan P. Zeringue Most Blessed Sacrament School "Will the Addition of Weedkiller to Concrete Affect Grass Growth?"
3rd plant sciences Michael P. LaCour Mount Carmel Elemenetary "How to With 02: Investigating the Best Hydroponic Method for Growing Lactuca Sativa Buttercrunch"
4th plant sciences Michael Villordon Grace Episcopal School "Growing The Future"
HM plant sciences Josh M. Devier Christ Episcopal School "Do Animal Estrogens Affect Plants?"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School Baton Rouge

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR chemistry Rebecca Bell Christ Episcopal School "Does Distillation Affect the pH of Liquids?"
OverAll_2nd JR animal sciences Joshua M. Courtney Carmel Hill School "Condition Factors in Fish as Bioindicators of Oyster Overharvesting in the Calcasieu Estuary"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place)
American Psychological Association Anissa J. Hyde  
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) Adam L. Cook   (First Place)
Lydia McGaha   (Second Place)
ASM Materials Education Foundation Caroline Whisonant  
Association for Women Geoscientists Savannah Green  
Gamma Sigma Delta award for Agriculture James M. Desselle   (First Place)
Josh M. Devier   (Second Place)
Deanna Guarino   (Third Place)
Anisha A. Lal   (Honorable Mention)
Catherine E. Rockwell   (Honorable Mention)
Iota Sigma Pi Olivia B. Beauvais  
Louisiana Science Teachers Association Kaylee K. Bourgeois   (Third Place)
Laura A. Derbonne   (First Place)
Kirsten L. Sibley   (Second Place)
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Covay M. Joseph  
Ricoh Americas Corporation Swathi P. Katakam  
Society of Women Engineers Ishwari G. Joshi   (Third Place)
Lydia McGaha   (Second Place)
Jessie E. Stephenson   (First Place)
US Green Building Council Louisiana Chapter Deepti Vaidyanathan