2014 Region VII Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Category Winners:
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Joshua Courtney Carmel Hill School "Condition Factors in Fish as Bioindicators of Oyster Overharvesting in the Calcasieu Estuary"
2nd animal sciences Sara E. Be Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge "Pheromone Trails and Job Designation in Fire Ants"
3rd animal sciences Stephen P. LeBlanc Prairieville Middle School "Wild Frogs"
4th animal sciences Elizabeth A. Bourgeois Prairieville Middle School "Pollinators to Flowers"
1st behavioral and social sciences Sarah R. Hill St. Jude the Apostle School "Too Close For Comfort?"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Shannon Ahmad St. Jude the Apostle School "What Part of a Horror Movie Makes it Scary?"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Cameron Pierrotti Most Blessed Sacrament School "Does a Person`s view of Beauty in People`s Faces Match the Golden Ratio?"
4th behavioral and social sciences Savannah Tanguis The Dunham School "Heart Beats"
1st biochemistry PRIYA BALAMURUGAN Glasgow Middle School "Can we control the rate of drug delivery in hydrogels? A study using gelatin hydrogels"
2nd biochemistry Olivia B. Beuavais Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Are Homeade Detergents Really Greener?"
3rd biochemistry A`Niya M. Claiborne
Macey Thompson
Central Middle "The Naked Egg"
4th biochemistry London M. Boudreau Most Blessed Sacrament School "Which type of biomass (cow manure or vegetable waste) produces the most biogas?"
1st cellular and molecular biology Anusha Zaman Glasgow Middle School "Betel leaf and tobacco change the gene expression in human broncho epithelial (BEAS-2B) cells."
2nd cellular and molecular biology Patrick Herke Westdale Middle School "Optimizing the Traditional Ethanol-EDTA Purification Protocol for DNA Sequencing"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Layla R. Morris Westdale Middle School "Cellular Dehydration and High Blood Pressure: The Negative Effects of Eating Too Much Salt"
4th cellular and molecular biology Seryna D. White Woodlawn Middle School "A Fruity Extraction"
1st chemistry Saleha Ahmed. Badat Woodlawn Middle School "Teeth Stains\"
2nd chemistry Victoria Gardner Galvez Middle School "How Does Surface Temperature Affect Fingerprints?"
3rd chemistry Madelyn C. Graves St. Jude the Apostle School "Toothpaste versus Mouthwash in Cavity Prevention"
4th chemistry Sarah Barton The Dunham School "Crystallization Station"
1st computer science Jaden Wright Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East "Password Generator"
2nd computer science Brooke Pittman Prairieville Middle School "Thermal Heat"
3rd computer science Zachary Hatfield Prairieville Middle School "Got WiFi?"
4th computer science William S. Heitman Glasgow Middle School "Do Gamers Ever Get Worse?"
1st earth and planetary science Shemaiah Verret Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East "Crazy Crystal Creations"
2nd earth and planetary science Khanh C. Pham Glasgow Middle School "How Does Global Warming Affect the Time Taken for the Global Conveyer Belt to Start?"
3rd earth and planetary science Dalyn Turner Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West "Evaporation Situation"
4th earth and planetary science Briant Parker Dutchtown Middle School "Dirty Snowballs"
1st engineering: electrical and mechanical Deepti Vaidyanathan Glasgow Middle School "Follow the Sun"
2nd engineering: electrical and mechanical Lauren Chauvin St. Jude the Apostle School "100% Efficient"
3rd engineering: electrical and mechanical Jacob M. Doyle Prairieville Middle School "Does Temperature Affect the Battery Life and Voltage of a Battery?"
4th engineering: electrical and mechanical Guy Garic Lowery Middle School "Still Plays with Blocks"
1st environmental management Ryann A. Beard Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Kiling Vampires: Can you save energy by unplugging house hold items?"
2nd environmental management Zhane Harris Kenilworth Science and Technology "Lithium Ion Battery Revolution"
3rd environmental management Katherine E. Skiles Woodlawn Middle School "Which material absorbs the most oil?"
4th environmental management RonJaniele Bruce Kenilworth Science and Technology "Atmospheric Assessment"
1st engineering: materials and bioengineering Ishwari G. Joshi Woodlawn Middle School "Up, Up, and Away! How Do the Wings of a Paper Airplane Affect its Performance?"
2nd engineering: materials and bioengineering Krishna R. Pochana Glasgow Middle School "Does the Diameter of an Arch Affect its Strength?"
3rd engineering: materials and bioengineering Morgan A. Persechino Central Middle "Got Flame"
4th engineering: materials and bioengineering Keerthanna Anand Kenilworth Science and Technology "Mustard seeds could be used as a natural food preservative."
1st energy and transportation Erin M. Nauman Glasgow Middle School "When Dropped, a Discharged AA Alkaline Battery Bounces More Than Once While a Fully Charged Battery Hits the Ground and Falls Over. Is This Caused by a Change in Weight?"
2nd energy and transportation Caleb Jones Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West "Project Orion"
3rd energy and transportation Jalen Scott Kenilworth Science and Technology "How to make solar power more efficient"
4th energy and transportation Jack P. Jones Prairieville Middle School "Does Light Intensity Effect The Speed of a Solar Car?"
1st environmental sciences SYED M. AHMED Glasgow Middle School "The Future of Wind Turbines"
2nd environmental sciences Preston J. Nielson Glasgow Middle School "What`s in Your Water"
3rd environmental sciences William J. Foster Woodlawn Middle School "What Is the Effect of Caffeine on Daphnia"
4th environmental sciences Ethan Hyatt Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West "Acids, Bases, and ...Limestone"
1st mathematical sciences Bailey Landry
Zyzenti Brito
Dutchtown Middle School "Spidey Structures"
2nd mathematical sciences Rudi Neubrander Glasgow Middle School "Can You Predict the Period of a Rational Number?"
3rd mathematical sciences Andrew Knott Kenilworth Science and Technology "Surface Tention"
4th mathematical sciences Sarah J. Cline
Sophie Elliott, Caroline Benedict
Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Probili"TREATS""
1st medicine and health sciences Henry Kissam
Trent Butler
Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge "The Effectivemness of Sunscreen and UV Protective Packaging"
2nd medicine and health sciences Anugrah Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Hidden Dangers of Sceondhand Smoke"
3rd medicine and health sciences Devin C. Durand St. John Elementary/Middle Interparochial School "Mom or Dad, Does My Fingerprint Look Like Yours?"
4th medicine and health sciences Catherine North Chrisitan Life Academy "Efficient Or Ineffective"
1st microbiology Samuel Li Glasgow Middle School "Effective Ways to Fight Mold: Chemical or Natural"
2nd microbiology Madeline L. Anderson
Lindsay Carr-Foote
Westdale Middle School "GERM MART: Wal-Mart vs. Target"
3rd microbiology Madelyn Adams Prairieville Middle School "Glucose Grows"
4th microbiology Milan Monroe Woodlawn Middle School "Bread Radiation"
1st physics and astronomy Katherine D. Assaf Westdale Middle School "Cause and Effect: Our Solar System"
2nd physics and astronomy REETU SHRESTHA Glasgow Middle School "DOES THE SIZE OF A PARACHUTE AFFECTS ITS LANDING?"
3rd physics and astronomy Taylor Crochet Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East "Transforming a solid to a liquid"
4th physics and astronomy Madison S. Beam Prairieville Middle School "Water Evaporation"
1st plant sciences Tasnia T. Monir Glasgow Middle School "Does Radiation Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis?"
2nd plant sciences Nathan P. Zeringue Most Blessed Sacrament School "Will the Addition of Weedkiller to Concrete Affect Grass Growth?"
3rd plant sciences Navya Murugesan Glasgow Middle School "Will Wi-Fi Radiation Interfere With Plant Growth?"
4th plant sciences Luke LeBlanc Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy East "Superthrive vs Other Fertilizers"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School Baton Rouge

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR plant sciences Tasnia T. Monir Glasgow Middle School "Does Radiation Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis?"
OverAll_2nd JR animal sciences Joshua Courtney Carmel Hill School "Condition Factors in Fish as Bioindicators of Oyster Overharvesting in the Calcasieu Estuary"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place)
Broadcom MASTERS nominees SYED M. AHMED  
Katherine D. Assaf  
Saleha Ahmed. Badat  
Ryann A. Beard  
Joshua Courtney  
Sarah R. Hill  
Ishwari G. Joshi  
Bailey Landry  
Samuel Li  
Tasnia T. Monir  
Erin M. Nauman  
Deepti Vaidyanathan  
Shemaiah Verret  
Jaden Wright  
Anusha Zaman  
Iota Sigma Pi Olivia B. Beuavais  
Society of Women Engineers Lauren Chauvin   (First Place)
Ishwari G. Joshi   (Third Place)
Brianna Palmer   (Honorable Mention)
Deepti Vaidyanathan   (Second Place)