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  Louisiana Science & Engineering Fair  


Welcome!! Below you will find resources and information to prepare for your school or regional fair. Links provided will outline all forms required by ISEF, and we will also post regional and state forms required as well.

LSEF follows ISEF Rules and Guidelines - Complete Intel ISEF 2019 Rules and Guidelines booklet

2019 Rule Clarifications & Changes Reference

Helpful information for students - ISEF Student Resources

All documents for schools, teachers and students in local and affiliated fairs may be found in the Intel ISEF Documents Library. Fair Guidance section also available ISEF Document Library.


Set a Date for Your School/Regional Fair!

The first step on the path to regional and state competition is to hold a school-level science fair.
Set a date for your school to hold its fair, keeping in mind the dates for registration and submission of required forms.

Register your school for competition in Region VII or LSEF (available now)

For Region VII Science Fair information and student registration click here

For Louisiana State Science Fair information and student registration click here

Ethics Statement: Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. This includes plagiarism, forgery, use of presentation of other researcher's work as one's own, and fabrication of data. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition in affiliated fairs and the Intel ISEF. LSEF and Society for Science & the Public reserves the right to revoke recognition of a project subsequently found to have been fraudulent.

Project Approval
The initial review and approval for your students' projects takes place at your school before the students begin experimentation. This should be done as early as possible in the fall semester so that students have plenty of time to complete their research and prepare their projects.

There are four official ISEF forms related to approval that all projects must have: the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1), Student Checklist (1A), Approval Form (1B) and the 22 Category Official Abstract form.

Depending on the nature of the project, there may be other approval forms and procedures required, as noted below. All required forms may be obtained by clicking here.

The Intel ISEF provides assistance with the required forms in the form of a helpful online wizard. By answering several questions, you will get a list of the forms you need to submit for each project. Click here for the ISEF Rules Wizard.

Human Participants
Projects involving human subjects require the prior approval of a school-level Institutional Review Board (IRB). Human Participants

Vertebrate Animals
Projects involving vertebrate animals require the prior approval of a school-level Scientific Review Committee (SRC). Vertebrate Animals

Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
Projects involving potentially hazardous biological agents require the prior approval of a school-level SRC. Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents

Hazardous Chemicals, Activities, and Devices
Hazardous chemicals, activities, and devices require the prior approval of a Qualified Scientist. Hazardous Chemicals, Activities, and Devices


Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) Required for every project.
The Adult Sponsor is the adult who reviews and evaluates the student's research plan. The full description of the Adult Sponsor is located in the ISEF Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs. In most cases, the adult sponsor is the student's science teacher or the school's science fair coordinator. Note that checking any box under part 6 requires additional forms and approvals, and that the date of review must be prior to the start of experimentation.

The Adult Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the student's research is eligible for regional and state competition , i.e. that the project complies with Intel ISEF guidelines and that the appropriate forms are properly completed and signed.

Once the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) is completed, Approval Form(1B) must be completed as well.

Approval Form (1B) Required for every project.

Part I is required for every project, with a signature by both parent and student. Please note these must be signed prior to the start of experimentation.

Part 2a is required for projects that involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, or hazardous chemicals, activities, and devices. Before experimentation may begin, the required prior approvals must be obtained.

How to Set Up Your School's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

If any of your students' projects fall into the categories noted above that require evaluation and approval by a review panel, your school will need to create an IRB and SRC to review students' projects prior to experimentation. If preferred, the school may create one committee to serve as both IRB and SRC. Every project that falls under Part 6 of the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) must have an IRB, SRC, or Qualified Scientist review prior to experimentation:

  • Humans (IRB)
  • Vertebrate animals (SRC)
  • Potentially hazardous biological agents (SRC)
  • Hazardous chemicals, activities, and devices (Qualified Scientist)
An IRB consists of at least three members, and must include:

  • an educator
  • a school administrator
  • a person who is knowledgeable and capable of evaluating physical or psychological risk involved in a given study, such as a medical doctor, physician's assistant, registered nurse, psychologist, licensed social worker, or licensed clinical professional counselor
Please see International Rules for Precollege Science Research: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs for complete information about the creation of an IRB.

A SRC consists of at least three members, and must include:

  • an educator
  • a biomedical scientist (PhD, MD, DVM, DDS, or DO)
  • at least one other member

Please see Roles and Responsibilities of Students & Adults Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs for complete information about the creation of your SRC.

Holding Your School Fair

School-level fairs are very valuable learning experiences. It is at this level that the majority of your students have the opportunity to conduct research and present their findings.

  • If your school wishes to send students to participate in the Region VII Fair, please follow the Intel ISEF Guidelines carefully for your school-level fair. Be sure each student provides you with the correct forms, and that they are accurate, with the appropriate signatures.
  • As much as possible, select judges whose expertise matches the categories of your students' projects.
  • Prior to judging, conduct a safety check of the projects. You may want to use the Display and Safety Inspection Form used for the Region VII and state-level Fair.
  • Winners should be chosen by the judges' scoring
  • The number of students from your school whose projects may participate in the Region VII Fair will be posted shortly.
Required Paperwork

For all projects, the following forms are required (1 copy of each):
For all projects in the fair, one copy of each of the following forms must be provided to the fair office by your school. ISEF forms may be obtained from the ISEF Forms and Document Library.

(Louisiana form links to be added soon)
REGION VII Science Fair / LSEF
ISEF Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1) *Caution: Signature date depends on the project, review guidelines to determine

ISEF Student Checklist (1A) (NOTE: The student's research plan must be attached. Caution: experiment date cannot begin until after approval dates and signatures are complete on Form 1B

ISEF Approval Form (1B) *Caution: dates of approval and signatures must be before experiment date begins on 1A. IRB approval is mandatory in most cases, refer to ISEF guidelines for details.

ISEF Official Abstract

ISEF Additional forms are required depending on the project (see ISEF document library).

ISEF FORMS located at
Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form
Form 1A: Student Checklist / Research Plan
Form 1B: Approval Form
Form 1C: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form
Form 2: Qualified Scientist Form
Form 3: Risk Assessment Form
Form 4: Human Subjects and Informed Consent Form
Sample Informed Consent Statement
Form 5: Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B)
Form 6A: Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form
Form 6B: Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form
Form 7: Continuation Projects Form
Abstract Form (Only for regional and state fair use - ISEF finalists must use on-line system)

Which Forms Do I Need? Intel ISEF Forms Wizard

The Intel ISEF provides assistance with the required forms in the form of a helpful online wizard.By answering several questions, you will get a list of the forms you need to submit for each project. Click here for the ISEF Rules Wizard

Eligibility for Participation in the Region VII or State Fair

Students who place first (and possibly second) in their categories at their school or regional fair may register for the Louisiana Region VII Fair or LSEF pending approval and review from their school. Schools/regions will review finalists to determine eligibility. Confirmation of alternates will be made two weeks prior to the fair.

How to Enter Your Students in the Region VII or State Fair

  • Register the students using the online registration form on either Region VII or LSEF, whichever applies. This may be done by one person (such as teacher, advisor, parent volunteer) for all students, or each student may register separately. Payment may be made at the time of registration or sent separately.
  • Compile the required forms for every student you are registering for the Region VII or State Fair.
  • Double check all forms for completeness, accuracy, and appropriate signatures with dates.
  • Follow registration information on either the Region VII or LSEF tab above

  • Student or teacher should attend fairs with original paperwork. No copies can be made on site.
  • Special attention should be paid to each student's category. The category chosen at registration must match the category on the official abstract form.
Regional and State Fair Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Review and Approval

The required forms for each project participating in Regional or State Fair will be evaluated by the Region or State Scientific Review Committee, a local committee of scientists. Student participation in the Region or State Fair is contingent on approval of the forms by the regional SRC. The decision of the SRC is final.