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Science Fair Student Registration Form

NOTE - Before registering you will need to do three things:
  1. Under School Information click the drop down list of schools. If your school is not listed you will NOT be able to register. Contact your school immediatly and tell them that they need to register in order for you to register. Your school may contact us at this email address: lsef@outreach.lsu.edu or this phone number: 225-578-1067. If you are home schooled, you may contact us directly using the information above.

  2. Senior Division (grades 9-12) should register with an SSP number (Society for Science.) To obtain your 10-digit SSP identification number which will be requested when you register below. Obtain your SSP here.

  3. Categories have changes from last year. You will need to choose your Category and Subcategory before starting to registor:

    * Select Your Category:      
To register enter the studentís (Team Leader) name and contact information below. If this is a team project, you must select a leader and enter his/her name below. You will be asked for the other team members names as you complete this registration. Team leaders will also be responsible for the registration fee (one fee per project NOT team member). Pay the fee with a credit card at the end of the online registration.

ONLY ONE REGISTRATION PER PROJECT IS ALLOWED. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR PROJECT MORE THAN ONCE. If you need to make updates or corrections, please email lsef@outreach.lsu.edu.
(* = required Information)

*To which Fair are you registering?

School Information:
*Your School

If your school is not listed, please contact your school and ask them to register at www.outreach.lsu.edu/lsef on the Schools page or follow this link https://is.lsu.edu/newDOCE/Judging/Reg.asp?T=C

Society for Science (SSP) Number:

Senior Division (grades 9-12) - this is your 10-digit number given to you when you register at SSP. go here to register

Student/Team Leader Information:
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The following questions are to help us understand how we can improve the science fair.
Judges will never see your answers.

How many school years have you previously done a science fair project (not including this year)

Why did you do a science fair project this year?

Do you plan to do a science fair project again next school year?

How did you decide to do your project alone or with a partner?

Project/Team Information:
*Division   Junior = (Grades 6-8)   Senior = (Grades 9-12)
*Category: You must choose your Category and Subcategory above.