2020 State Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Category Winners:     (HM = Honourable Mention)
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Mary Cate Leddy Holy Savior Menard "Which Sunscreen is Toxic to Sea Life?"
2nd animal sciences Michael J. Esneault The Maxine Giardina Charter School "Eat to the Beat"
3rd animal sciences Golden G. Richard International School of Louisiana "Sugar Powered Ants?!?!"
4th animal sciences Emily Higginbotham
Isabella Schilling
Winnfield Middle School "Pawsitively Preferred"
HM animal sciences Skyler Morris Bayou Community Academy "Terrier Versus Toddler"
1st biochemistry Czrya Calderon Glasgow Middle School "Efficacy of Ginger and Sweet Mint as Mouth Wash"
2nd biochemistry Lexie M. Lexing Grace Episcopal School "Too cold to think"
3rd biochemistry Andrew M. Courville North Vermilion Middle School "Browning Invasion-Unwanted Oxidation"
4th biochemistry Gina Kim Glasgow Middle School "Does Charcoal Purify Water"
HM biochemistry Jhenna Fashho Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Water Wars: Which Brand Is Honest About Alkaline?"
1st behavioral and social sciences Samay Z. Mirpuri Glasgow Middle School "Is the increase of depression in teenagers a request for attention"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Trey M. Matherne Lutcher High School "Oh How Sweet It Is"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Katelyn E. Edrington Bayou Community Academy "What kind of music causes Frisson?"
4th behavioral and social sciences Arisha Sultana A.E. Phillips Laboratory School "Gender Stereotypes Based on Age in Children"
HM behavioral and social sciences Bailey V. Wall Courtney Christian School "ABCs of the Heart"
1st biomedical engineering Keya Chanda-Rastogi Glasgow Middle School "Burning Calories (Literally): How Accurate are Bomb Calorimeters?"
2nd biomedical engineering Keira Carmichael Glasgow Middle School "Artificial Kidney Dialysis"
1st biomedical and health sciences Riley Tallo Prairieville Middle School "Does Screen Time Affect Your Vision?"
2nd biomedical and health sciences Ellie Joe Bryant
Elizabeth Page
Winnfield Middle School "Beat that Time"
3rd biomedical and health sciences Bob A. Bourgeois III Bayou Community Academy "The Human Eye Vs Colored Lights"
4th biomedical and health sciences Josiah M. Finley A.E. Phillips Laboratory School ""Cleaning The Brightness""
HM biomedical and health sciences Kate L. Walker Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Does Color Change Sight in the Dark or the Light"
1st cellular and molecular biology Raymond J. Duplessis Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Death Rays: How UV-Light Affects Bacterial Cell Death "
2nd cellular and molecular biology Grace Ding
Cecily Lu
Glasgow Middle School "How Much Fat Is in Your Chips"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Angele S. Rainey International School of Louisiana "Mouthwash Vs Bacteria"
4th cellular and molecular biology Brandon Roberts Glasgow Middle School "Using DNA to Predict Simple Human Traits"
HM cellular and molecular biology Isabella C. Valteau Catholic High School "The Relationships of Fingerprints in Families"
1st chemistry Elise N. DeVillier Parks Middle School "How do different Solutes affect the mass of an egg?"
2nd chemistry Anhaar M. Wasi A.E. Phillips Laboratory School "How Does pH Affect Acid-Base Reactions?"
3rd chemistry Tatumn O. Pounders Northlake Christian School "Can You Eat Your Drink? "
4th chemistry Ayushi Purohit Christ Episcopal School "What Drink Stains Teeth the Most and Which Toothpaste does the best to Clean them"
HM chemistry Jack Watson Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School "The Effect of the Color of a Plasmic Microwaved Grape on the Temperature of the Grape"
1st earth and environmental sciences Camille Piner Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School "The Effect of Sunscreen on Swimmer Pollution"
2nd earth and environmental sciences Emily Chen Glasgow Middle School "Settlement Tests for Clay and Sand Soil"
3rd earth and environmental sciences Olivia F. Landry Bayou Community Academy "The Influence of Weather on Water Clarity"
4th earth and environmental sciences Samantha C. Lux Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "The Environmental Impact: Hidden Fibers"
HM earth and environmental sciences Isaiah D. Tyson Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "The Science of Cleaning"
1st embedded systems Maya J. Trutschl Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Towards a Germ-Free Water Fountain"
2nd embedded systems Alexander L. LeBlanc Lockport Middle School "Need a Boost?"
3rd embedded systems Davis Faggard Providence Classical Academy "How Does the Angle of a Parabola Affect a Wi-Fi Signal?"
4th embedded systems Conrad Menville Glasgow Middle School "Toroidal Electromagnetic Pickup"
1st energy: chemical Neha Mothilal Glasgow Middle School "How does the Output of a Solar Cell vary with Incident Light Intensity?"
2nd energy: chemical Miller Mosura Providence Classical Academy "Is it cheaper to run a dual fuel generator on propane or gasoline?"
3rd energy: chemical Chase C. McFarland Prairieville Middle School "Vegetable Batteries?"
4th energy: chemical Kaelynn Naquin Montegut Middle School "Potato Power"
HM energy: chemical Martha A. Vanchiere
Saniyah Simo
St. John Berchmans Catholic School "Watt`s Up?"
1st environmental engineering Gretchen E. Anderson Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Clean Spills"
2nd environmental engineering Lathan Johnson East Natchitoches Elementary "I`m a Survivor"
3rd environmental engineering Katelyn A. McCain Pierre Part Middle "Waste Watts"
4th environmental engineering Varun Gala Glasgow Middle School "Which Lightbulbs are Better"
HM environmental engineering Gram A. Jessen St. Margaret Catholic School "Cd`s to Solar"
1st engineering mechanics Dreher C. Moreland Grace Episcopal School "Off The Radar"
2nd engineering mechanics Andrew I. Wang Glasgow Middle School "Bridge and Tower Structures"
3rd engineering mechanics Spencer J. Newton Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy "The Better Way to Stop Erosion"
4th engineering mechanics Alex R. Guillot St. Elizabeth School "What Shape is Stronger? Triangle vs Rectangle"
HM engineering mechanics Aloisa T. Gahoy Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School "The Effect of Bridge Design on Mass Compatibility"
1st energy: physical Micah Kanju Houma Christian School "Geothermal Energy"
2nd energy: physical Carly R. Clause J.B. Martin Middle School "Which Bottle is Better, Hydro Flask or S`well?"
3rd energy: physical Taha Amous Glasgow Middle School "The Effect of Different Surfaces and Air Pressures That Changes the Amount of Time it Takes for a Bike to Travel a Certain Distance."
4th energy: physical Nathan Ughovwa Bishop Noland Episcopal School "Solar Power Output: A Cool Way to Make Electricity"
HM energy: physical Luke Campbell Most Blessed Sacrament School "The Effect of Wind Angles on a Pinwheel`s Power Output"
1st mathematics Kevin J. Zhang Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School "Mathematical Models for Stock Trading"
2nd mathematics Megan E. McCartney
Danielle McCartney
John Curtis Christian "Does Birth Month Affect MLB Batting Average?"
3rd mathematics Sarah Patterson Kenilworth Science and Technology "Isoperimetric Inequality"
4th mathematics Kaitlynn Argueta Emily C. Watkins Elementary "Yachts of Fun"
1st microbiology Kaitlyn Smith Glasgow Middle School "The Antimocrobial Affects of Essential Oils"
2nd microbiology Sarah Thomas Glasgow Middle School "The effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide"
3rd microbiology Ella B. Breeland-DeFauw Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Where the Wild Things Grow"
4th microbiology Trey A. Johnson
Hayden White
Arnaudville Elementary "What`s in your drinking water?"
HM microbiology Cameron Canty Houma Junior High School "Bacteria Be Gone"
1st materials science Haden M. Cedotal
St. Elizabeth School "COMPETITION OF THE CUPS"
2nd materials science John T. Kihlken St Margaret Catholic School "Heart Rate Monitor for Athletes"
3rd materials science Casen Guidry Houma Junior High School "Knot It!"
4th materials science Parker Yoakum Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Catching Flames: Flammability of Fabric Softeners"
HM materials science Kayden Hebert Lafayette Christian Academy "Forensic Paper Chromatopgraphy- Can You Pinpoint the Suspect?"
1st physics and astronomy Benjamin-Lee T. McBride Parks Middle School "Will the temperature of a bouncy ball affect how high it bounces?"
2nd physics and astronomy Joshua G. Hebert
Rusty Fulton
St. Michael School "Baseball Bat Debate: Wood or Aluminum"
3rd physics and astronomy Daniel Luke Page
John Michael Pickett
Winnfield Middle School "Be Bright! Choose the Right Light"
4th physics and astronomy William Seeling Holy Savior Menard "Just Plane Fun"
HM physics and astronomy Savanna L. Johnson Our Lady of Prompt Succor Elementary School "Free Falling"
1st plant sciences Benjamin Namikas Glasgow Middle School "A Comparison of Plant Growth Using Four Salt Free Growth Systems"
2nd plant sciences Luke Viator
Reid Baye
St. Elizabeth School "Nature`s Way of Making and Breaking Down Sugar"
3rd plant sciences Eva Lockridge Glasgow Middle School "Does the pH of Water Affect Planet Growth"
4th plant sciences Maddie Nicoll
Payge Oller
Courtney Christian School "Rot or Not"
HM plant sciences Kirsten LeBlanc Montegut Middle School "Detergents vs. the Environment"
1st robotics and intelligent machines Bret Harvey Glasgow Middle School "Machine Learning vs. the Hunan Brain"
2nd robotics and intelligent machines Edward Yao Glasgow Middle School "Comparison of Sorting Algoritms "
3rd robotics and intelligent machines Arjun Desai Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "A Robotic Watering System"
4th robotics and intelligent machines James W. Cowan Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Have Drone, Will Deliver"
HM robotics and intelligent machines Ashley Perrodin
Ellie Adams
St. Michael School "Robotic Arm : How Can It Help You ?"
1st systems software Landri Domingue Prairieville Middle School "Reality Battle Royale- Immersive Technology`s Robust Data Tracking in Sequential Learning"
2nd systems software William Wei Glasgow Middle School "Differentiation of User Modes on Computer Usage Modes"
3rd systems software Luke M. Guidry Bayou Community Academy "Cracking A Caesar Cipher"
4th systems software Mackenzie Green Winnfield Middle School "Are we there yet? "
HM systems software Eva Jolliff Little Oak Middle School "Micro:bit Java Juice"
1st translational medical science Aanvi M. Desai Glasgow Middle School "Beverages vs. Tooth Enamel"
2nd translational medical science Spencer C. Guidry Catholic High School "Mirror, Mirror....Can You Use a Novel Approach to Reteach an Injured Brain?"
3rd translational medical science Aashni Shah Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Sunny and Safe: How Technology can Save Lives"
4th translational medical science Andrew G. Sevin
Luke Vosburg
Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Battle of the Flossers"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School Baton Rouge

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR plant sciences Benjamin Namikas Glasgow Middle School "A Comparison of Plant Growth Using Four Salt Free Growth Systems"
OverAll_2nd JR biochemistry Czrya Calderon Glasgow Middle School "Efficacy of Ginger and Sweet Mint as Mouth Wash"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place) School
Broadcom MASTERS nominees Gretchen E. Anderson
Ellie Joe Bryant & Elizabeth Page
Czrya Calderon
Keya Chanda-Rastogi
Aanvi M. Desai
Elise N. DeVillier
Landri Domingue
Raymond J. Duplessis
Spencer C. Guidry
Bret Harvey
Micah Kanju
Mary Cate Leddy
Benjamin-Lee T. McBride
Samay Z. Mirpuri
Dreher C. Moreland
Neha Mothilal
Benjamin Namikas
Camille Piner
Kaitlyn Smith
Riley Tallo
Maya J. Trutschl
Luke Viator & Reid Baye
Anhaar M. Wasi
Kevin J. Zhang
Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet
Winnfield Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
St. Elizabeth School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Parks Middle School
Prairieville Middle School
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
Catholic High School
Glasgow Middle School
Houma Christian School
Holy Savior Menard
Parks Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Grace Episcopal School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School
Glasgow Middle School
Prairieville Middle School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
St. Elizabeth School
A.E. Phillips Laboratory School
Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
Naval Science Award Czrya Calderon
Benjamin Namikas
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School