2017 State Science and Engineering Fair (Senior Division)

Category Winners:     (HM = Honourable Mention)

Division Winners:     (HM = Honourable Mention)
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Alicia L. Smith Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Erasure of Neural Extracellular Matrix to Ameliorate Aging-Dependent Cognitive Decline"
2nd animal sciences Jolie E. Boudreaux St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Effect of Varying Nitrate Concentrations on the Weight of Fathead Minnows"
3rd animal sciences Kaylan Campbell Northwood High School "Peanuts, Protein, and Eggs, Oh My!"
4th animal sciences Lyle E. Bordelon-Walker Baton Rouge Magnet High School "Anthill Soil pH Gradients in Different Soil Types"
HM animal sciences Meredith L. Perniciaro John Curtis Christian "CAT vs DOG PAW TO PAW Do Felines or Canines Have More Dermatophytes in Nail Clippings"
1st biochemistry Sunjay Letchuman Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Synthesis of a Fusarochromanone Analog and its Efficacy in Treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer"
2nd biochemistry Abigail M. Livingston
Katherine Sclafani
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Correlation Between Taster Status and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Second Year Study"
3rd biochemistry Paul H. Stolin St Pauls School "Organisms Versus Oil "
4th biochemistry Bailey Smith AIRLINE HIGH SCHOOL "The Effect of H2S On Pancreatic Cancer Cell Proliferation"
HM biochemistry Ivy Do
Jose Gonzalez
Benjamin Franklin High School "The Effect of Antacids on Enzymes"
1st behavioral and social sciences Lara P. Nicholson St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Student-Centered vs. Teacher-Centered Learning: An Examination of Preference and Performance"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Hallee E. Mire Catholic High School "Feeling the Heat and the Need to Cheat "
3rd behavioral and social sciences Olivia K. Gegenheimer Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy "How Does the Content of Hallucinations and Delusions Relate to Crime Offenders with Mental Illnesses?"
4th behavioral and social sciences Analisa L. Taylor St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Paper Vs. Computer: The Effect of Study Techniques on Test Scores"
HM behavioral and social sciences Beata J. Desselle Benjamin Franklin High School "Litary Service and Homelessness: Case Control Study Evaluating the Association Between Service in the Military and Homelessness in New Orleans"
1st biomedical engineering Bergen L. Sanderford Isidore Newman School "Modeling Neural Disorder via Involuntary Response Simulator"
2nd biomedical engineering Spencer S. Hurst Captain Shreve "Surface Activation of Polyvinyl Alcohol Using Aldehyde Cross-linking: Validation as a Cell-Binding and Covalent Biomolecule Binding Immobilizing Matrix in 3D-Printing "
3rd biomedical engineering Meagan N. Newton
Natalie Marionneaux
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Evaluating Three Dimensional Breast Cancer Cell Metastasis in a Microfluidic Device"
4th biomedical engineering Behram Dossabhoy Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Designing Oral Implants to Dissipate Occlusal Load"
HM biomedical engineering Kaylan D. Glover Lusher Charter School "A Novel Electromagnetic Induction Device with Potential Magnetic Stimulation Applications"
1st biomedical and health sciences Hannah L. Miletello St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Unraveling the Role of Novel Type I Interferon in Human Paramyxovirus Infections"
2nd biomedical and health sciences Mariza Francis Benjamin Franklin Elementary "Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury and Alcohol on Memory"
3rd biomedical and health sciences Kade P. Leger Comeaux High School "Pupil Dilation of Different Eye Colors, Gender, and Age When Exposed to Different Colors of Light."
4th biomedical and health sciences Hongyu Yi Baton Rouge Magnet High School "How does Resveratrol affect the growth of Prostate Cancer cells?"
HM biomedical and health sciences Noel Jacquet Southwood High School "The Effect of Diglycolic Acid on Glutathione in Rat Kidney and Liver"
1st computational biology and bioinformatics Rohinton Dossabhoy Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Alterations in Zika Virus Glycoprotein that Infects Human Susceptibility to Infection"
1st cellular and molecular biology Anusha Zaman Baton Rouge Magnet High School "Epigenetic and Biotransformation Effects of Hookah Smoke Extract on Human Oral Keratinocytes"
2nd cellular and molecular biology Jemma E. Clary Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Can oxidative stress result in increased transcriptional mutagenesis and aggregate alpha-synuclein proteins?"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Abigail M. Lafleur St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Analysis of Cytoplasmic Granules Formed Upon Nopp140 Deletion"
4th cellular and molecular biology Grace K. Sun Caddo Parish Magnet High School "How Alcohol Protects Endothelial Cells"
HM cellular and molecular biology Joshua M. Devier St Pauls School "The Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Effects of Ginkgo Biloba on Hydra littoralis and S2 Drosophila Cells"
1st chemistry Matthew B. Willis Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Watching Paint Dry: Howf Metal Additives Affect the Oxidation of Linseed Oil"
2nd chemistry Julia A. Simon Lusher Charter School "On the Road to Less Invasive Cancer Treatment: Determining Enzymatic Release of Payloads of HSA"
3rd chemistry Shelby Easley Destrehan High School "Tick-Tock, The Oscillating Clock "
4th chemistry Jeffrey M. Tepper
Shane Strander
St Pauls School "Eutectics Part 2"
HM chemistry Rachael Tullier Lee Magnet High "To C or not to C: Does Vitamin C Content Change as Bananas Ripen?"
1st earth and environmental sciences Isabel A. Grandy St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Effect of Different Sedimentation Levels on the Growth Nyssa aquatica and Taxodium distichum Saplings"
2nd earth and environmental sciences Sarah A. Salvatore
Kristen Adams
Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Essential Oils on Salvinia molesta"
3rd earth and environmental sciences Srikhar V. Chilukuri Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Biochar Filtration on Water Quality and its Elements"
4th earth and environmental sciences Olivia B. Beauvais Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Composting Worms: A More Effective Way to Break Down the World`s Trash"
HM earth and environmental sciences Ella L. Murphy Benjamin Franklin High School "Does Rangia cuneata Affect Turbidity in Lake Pontchartrain?"
1st embedded systems Christopher Q. Ferrier Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Distance on the Ability of a Condenser Microphone and LM386"
2nd embedded systems Denton R. Young John Curtis Christian "How to improve wifi signal "
3rd embedded systems Alexander Nguyen St Pauls School "Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): Which MTU is best for a Gigabit Ethernet Network?"
4th embedded systems Zachary Kopp Northwood High School "Binary"
HM embedded systems Grace E. Richardson St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Designing and 3D Printing Solar Powered Flashlights"
1st energy: chemical Tobias L. Kallenberg Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of the Complexity of Organic Media on the Output of Microbial Fuel Cells"
2nd energy: chemical Alexander Walker Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy "How do different materials used as proton exchange membranes affect the efficiency of PEM hydrogen fuel cells?"
3rd energy: chemical Kiara J. Williams Comeaux High School "Electricity From Scratch"
4th energy: chemical Mia M. Goodson St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Correlation Between Coronal Mass Ejections and Sunspot Cycles"
HM energy: chemical Jasmine McGowan Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy "How much electricity is produced per pascal using piezoelectric rochelle salt, and how can this be manipulated?"
1st environmental engineering Anna (Abby) B. Shortess St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Reducing Soil Erosion Using New Eco Foam Compositions to Benefit Rooting Strength"
2nd environmental engineering Joseph P. Scarmuzza Benjamin Franklin High School "The Effect of Types of Water on Evaporative Cooling System Performance"
3rd environmental engineering Christopher J. Marcantel
Drew Verret
Comeaux High School "Lead Filtration"
4th environmental engineering Freda R. Sciarappa Benjamin Franklin High School " The Effect of Polystyrene Foam on the Development and Survival of Tenebrio molitor"
HM environmental engineering Navya Murugesan Baton Rouge Magnet High School "From Turbid to Clear: A Quest for Clean Drinking Water"
1st engineering mechanics Anna C. LeJeune St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Effect of Pitch on Propeller Thrust"
2nd engineering mechanics Caleb A. Helms Catholic High School "Developing a Therapeutic Swing to Meet the Vestibular, Deep Pressure and Visual Needs of Persons on the Autism Spectrum to Reduce sensory Processing Difficulties"
3rd engineering mechanics Megan Kihnel Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies "Helping Handicap People Become Handy"
4th engineering mechanics Donald E. Martin Academics, Etc. "A Brief Study in the Effects Of the Bernoulli Principle When Applied To an Underwater, Inverted Foil"
HM engineering mechanics Thomas L. Nguyen Comeaux High School "Differentiation in Deviation Between Various Wheels"
1st energy: physical Amelia A. Dittmar St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Correlation Between Increase In Vertical Fence Height And Concussive Force Exerted On The Skeletal Muscular Frame Of An Equestrian"
2nd energy: physical Samuel Li Baton Rouge Magnet High School "The Efficiency of Different Propellants in a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster"
3rd energy: physical Jack H. Falstad Benjamin Franklin High School "The Effect of Tubercles on the Leading Edge of the Blades on a Windmill (IV) on the Power Production (DV) of the Windmill at Various Wind Velocities"
4th energy: physical Xiang Tang Caddo Parish Magnet High School "LED: is it really a more efficient future?"
HM energy: physical Dakota W. Simpson Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Wind Power Assistance on Rechargeable Cars"
1st mathematics Lawrence A. Shi Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Mediation Analysis of Payer Status on Survival of Stage III Colon Cancer Patients"
2nd mathematics Vishal Easwar Baton Rouge Magnet High School "Bottom Billion Burden: Finding a Model to Predict ADHD"
3rd mathematics Steven Guo
Ali Marzoughi
Baton Rouge Magnet High School "Hacking with a Sweet Twist"
4th mathematics Johnum J. Palado Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Mathematical Evolution of Vocal Music"
HM mathematics Srijan Duggal
Shuzheng Zheng
Isidore Newman School "The Statistical Analysis of The Basketball Team"
1st microbiology Vanessa D. Chambers Benjamin Franklin High School "The Effect of Melaleuca Oil on Human Skin Fungal Microbiota"
2nd microbiology Ajaya L. Tummala Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Sweeteners on Gut Bacteria"
3rd microbiology Chelsea Flowers Southwood High School "The phenotype of lysine to arginine changes in the yeast phosphatase- Glc7"
4th microbiology Jane A. Price St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Theh Effect of Biological Microorganisms on Phytophthora and Media Type"
HM microbiology Huey ying Faith. Loh Lee Magnet High "The Co-delivery of Human RNAi genes into nematode worms"
1st materials science Mason Varuso Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy "Novel Formulation of a Highly Stable Metallic Ink for Printed Electronic Applications"
2nd materials science Meredith C. Guidry
Madison Hasenkampf
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "On the Glow: Assessing the Luminosity, Reflectivity, and Durability of Strontium Aluminate Applied to Road Striping"
3rd materials science Sydney G. Sauer
Katie Red
Comeaux High School "Building Steel Structures in Marine Hostile Enviroment: Corrosion can be Managed"
4th materials science Jacqueline A. Van Savage Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect of Banana Ripeness on Bioplastic "
HM materials science Jason Dong A. M. Barbe High School "Electromagnetic Applications"
1st physics and astronomy Mary C. Lorio St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Quantum Eraser with Applications to Optical Quantum Information Processing of Polarization-Encoded Qubits"
2nd physics and astronomy Lauren C. Chauvin St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Comparison of Temperature, Pressure, and Relative Humidity of the Atmosphere as a Function of Altitude Between Different Regions of Southern United States"
3rd physics and astronomy Palmer L. Miley Caddo Parish Magnet High School "The Effect that Distance of a Stationary Magnet has on the Duration of a V-gate Magnetic Motor`s Rotation"
4th physics and astronomy Andrew Trepagnier Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "Using a Laser Interferometer to Determine the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion"
HM physics and astronomy Robert E. Alexander AIRLINE HIGH SCHOOL "The Battle for Air Supremacy"
1st plant sciences Anna C. Koonce St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "The Effect of Sodium Chloride on Hybrid Taxodium Selections"
2nd plant sciences Carlie Clement Terrebonne High School "Sunflowers on Medication"
3rd plant sciences John G. Van Savage Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Seed Dressing vs. Foliar Spray Application of a Fungicide on Triticum aestivum Innoculated with Common Fungi"
4th plant sciences Victoria A. Savoy
Morgan Crawford
Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West "Does Rock Size Matter? Hydroponics"
HM plant sciences Robert S. Brown Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Minimizing Shock to Aloe barbadensis pups"
1st robotics and intelligent machines Deepti Vaidyanathan Baton Rouge Magnet High School "The Effect of Errors on Robot Swarm Performance: Year 2"
1st systems software Nathan Jimmey LaGrange High School "Password Security"
2nd systems software Covert Geary Christ Episcopal School "Radioactive numbers: how does the random number generator affect the randomness of numbers?"
3rd systems software Alexandrina Yakimov Baton Rouge Magnet High School "Shortest rectangular network flows in the presence of arbitrary obstacles"
4th systems software Dilan Nair Destrehan High School "Get Hacked No More!"
HM systems software Samuel M. First Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Hash Cracking"
1st translational medical science Matthew D. Fangue Catholic High School "Repelling What Bugs You"
2nd translational medical science Caroline M. Cotten St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Luminescent Materials for Droplet Barcoding"
3rd translational medical science Sandra Shahriar Caddo Parish Magnet High School "Effect of Opioid Peptide DAMGO in Combination with Chemotherapy Drug Paclitaxel on MCF 7 Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation"
4th translational medical science Emma C. Allemond St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA) "Quantifying Retinal Cellular Death from Exposure of Light-emitting Diodes"
HM translational medical science Nolan Steed Northwood High School "Gassiest Beverage"

Top School:
School City
Family Life Christian Academy Lafayette

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place) School
American Meteorologial Society
American Society of Civil Engineers Meredith C. Guidry & Madison Hasenkampf (1st Place)
Robert E. Alexander (2nd Place)
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA)
American Society of Sugar Cane Technology Ajaya L. Tummala
Caddo Parish Magnet High School
Iota Sigma Pi Shelby Easley
Destrehan High School
Louiana Science Teachers Association Rachael Tullier (1st Place)
Lara P. Nicholson (2nd Place)
Caleb A. Helms (3rd Place)
Lee Magnet High
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA)
Catholic High School
Louisiana Association of Mathematics Teachers Srijan Duggal & Shuzheng Zheng (1st Place)
Steven Guo & Ali Marzoughi (2nd Place)
Lawrence A. Shi (3rd Place)
Isidore Newman School
Baton Rouge Magnet High School
Caddo Parish Magnet High School
Louisiana Horticulture Society Anna C. Koonce (1st Place)
Jane A. Price (2nd Place)
Isabel A. Grandy (3rd Place)
Victoria A. Savoy & Morgan Crawford (HM)
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA)
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA)
St. Joseph`s Academy (SJA)
Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West