2017 State Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Category Winners:     (HM = Honourable Mention)
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Yehowshua S. Dale Lafayette Middle School "The Influence of Habitat on Avian Assemblage"
2nd animal sciences Meredith A. Seeling Holy Savior Menard "Butterflies vs Temperature: Wingin` It in Any Weather"
3rd animal sciences Nuwan Wijesekera Boyet Junior High "Mosquitoes` Favorite Color"
4th animal sciences Katelyn H. Nettles Fifth Ward Junior High "Fresh Eggs?"
HM animal sciences Grayson Barron John Curtis Christian "What type of Bait is Best for Fishing: Live or Artificial?"
1st biochemistry Colin W. Herke Westdale Middle School "Sizing PCR Amplicons using YoYo-1 dye and the ABI 3130xl DNA Sequencer"
2nd biochemistry Emily C. Bradford Lutcher High School "Save the Strawberries!"
3rd biochemistry Megan A. McCarley Prairieville Middle School "Browning of Apple Slices Once Dipped in Solution and Dehydrated"
4th biochemistry Naysa N. Modi River Oaks "Milk Matters"
HM biochemistry Emily Marceaux
Abbie Gala
Mire Elementary "Does Vinegar Help Prevent Mold Growth on Fruit"
1st behavioral and social sciences Lanie Wang Glasgow Middle School "Pitch and Reaction Time"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Evan Blanchard Houma Junior High School "Store Cart Responsibilities"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Abby Hymel
Savannah Arceneaux
Gramercy Elementary School "Synesthesia"
4th behavioral and social sciences Kendall G. May Courtney Christian School "Retarded: Stop the Blurt, that word can Hurt"
HM behavioral and social sciences Reese Martinez Gramercy Elementary School "Can You Open It? The Effectiveness of Child Resistant Containers"
1st biomedical engineering Grishma Shrestha Glasgow Middle School "Protein Denaturation"
2nd biomedical engineering Bryce Sanders
Derrick Battiste
Kenilworth Science and Technology "How Does Stress Affect the Body?"
1st biomedical and health sciences Abhirami Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Hidden Dangers of Second Hand Smoke"
2nd biomedical and health sciences Monica Deras Kenilworth Science and Technology "Enhanced photothermal response of nanoparticles for photothermal cancer therapy"
3rd biomedical and health sciences Carlo Travis, Jr. Garyville/Mt.Airy Math and Science Magnet School "Tooth Enamel Loss From Sugary Drinks"
4th biomedical and health sciences Christine D. Oakley Grace Episcopal School "I Got the Music in Me"
HM biomedical and health sciences Jacqueline B. Patterson Lutcher High School "Let`s Get Bloody"
1st computational biology and bioinformatics Ridika Z. Ridi Glasgow Middle School "How does the Golden Ratio affect our perception of beauty?"
2nd computational biology and bioinformatics Annalise Edwards Woodlawn Middle School "Classifying River-Floodplain Connectivity using Satellite Imagery"
3rd computational biology and bioinformatics Samantha Roy Grace Episcopal School "Genetic Geniuses"
1st cellular and molecular biology Jade E. Briley St. Margaret Catholic School "WHERE DO YOU COME FROM?"
2nd cellular and molecular biology Sadie L. Rochelle Sacred Heart of Jesus (Norco) "Are Fingerprint Pattern Inherited?"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Kaitlyn A. Odom
Rachel M. Brown
Lacassine High School "Gumtastic"
4th cellular and molecular biology Jonathan J. Ding Glasgow Middle School "Electric Fields and Bacteria"
HM cellular and molecular biology Zoe C. Armstrong Houma Christian School "Counter A"peel""
1st chemistry Gracie O. Matt Lafayette Christian Academy "The Pampered House"
2nd chemistry Jonathan Thomas Glasgow Middle School "The Curdling and Spoilage of Milk"
3rd chemistry Avery G. Franques North Vermilion Middle School "Combustion Calorimetry"
4th chemistry Thomas Abadie St. George Catholic School "Hydrate Yo` Self"
HM chemistry Lia Cherinet Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "The Effects of Vitamins on Free Radicals"
1st earth and environmental sciences Aaroh Desai Glasgow Middle School "Invisible, Yet Powerful!"
2nd earth and environmental sciences Scott R. Crain Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "What`s in your water ?"
3rd earth and environmental sciences Eshaan Tandon Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Can I increase the power output of a single chamber microbial fuel cell (MFC) by varying the surface area of the anode?"
4th earth and environmental sciences Alejandro R. Bailey
Nehemiah Prater
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "What`s really in our water"
HM earth and environmental sciences Cindy Xu Glasgow Middle School "River Pollutants and Bioluminescence"
1st embedded systems Jonathan Wu Glasgow Middle School "SSD vs SSHD vs HDD"
2nd embedded systems Joseph L. Clary Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Warning: Baby on Board"
3rd embedded systems Laelah c. Credeur Lafayette Christian Academy "Extreme Exposure"
1st energy: chemical Christopher J. Kelley Phoenix Magnet "The Effects of Sunlight on AM Radio Signals"
2nd energy: chemical Jack C. Vandenbussche St. Joseph Catholic School ""It`s Not Rocket Science!""
3rd energy: chemical Noah N. Gad Alexandria Country Day School "The Future of Energy: Biofuels Vs Fossil Fuels"
4th energy: chemical Sara Richard Westminster Christian Academy "Hydrogen Fuel Cell"
HM energy: chemical Aadit Narayanan Glasgow Middle School "Does Voltage Vary in Soil Type?"
1st environmental engineering Sarah Gad Alexandria Country Day School "Antacids for Coral Reefs: Year Two of Study"
2nd environmental engineering Vani Pandian Mandeville Junior High "Is it Diversion...? Or Dredging?"
3rd environmental engineering Emma G. McCall Immaculate Conception Cathedral School "Worms Eat My Garbage"
4th environmental engineering Kevell J. Byrd Raymond K. Smith Middle School "Erosion: Plants vs Water"
HM environmental engineering Nicholas R. Harris St. Margaret Catholic School "Fruit Filters"
1st engineering mechanics Braden B. Magness S. P. Arnett Middle School "Siege Science "counterweight vs. distance""
2nd engineering mechanics Blaine B. McMillin S. P. Arnett Middle School "Surface Area Vs. Volume"
3rd engineering mechanics Kade J. Conrad Roseland Montessori School "The Power of Triangle in Bridges"
4th engineering mechanics Emma K. Sonnier Mandeville Junior High "Beam Me Up"
HM engineering mechanics Noah David Armstrong Middle "Catching the Wind"
1st energy: physical Justin Kim Glasgow Middle School "1=1 =Double"
2nd energy: physical Rachel M. Pizzolato John Curtis Christian "Generating Electricity by Harnessing Air That Flows Around a Skyscraper by Using Bernoulli’s Principle and The Venturi Effect w/ Special Emphasis on Biomimicry"
3rd energy: physical Lawrence W. Jenkins Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "The Power of Wind"
4th energy: physical John Lathan Winnfield Middle School "The Amazing Race"
HM energy: physical Abbie L. Carlson J.B. Martin Middle School "Slicing Wind"
1st mathematics Mackenzie Olinger Rayne Catholic Elementary "Brake or Accelerate?"
2nd mathematics Zayeed A. Akhter Glasgow Middle School "Predicting Stock Prices Using Regression Analysis"
3rd mathematics Ameesha Paralikar Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Catch That Tumor!"
4th mathematics Marcus Roberts Glasgow Middle School "Can Linear Regression and Correlation be Used to Predict NBA Statistics?"
HM mathematics Nathaniel R. Bonts Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Dicey Dilemma"
2nd microbiology Aila H. Yurochko Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Mighty Macrophages Take on Bacteria"
3rd microbiology Lauren J. Graham Grace Episcopal School "Skip the Shot?"
4th microbiology Ananya Kaushal FontainBleau Junior High "Spicing it up: natural antimicrobial properties in traditional food spices"
HM microbiology Liyah Ernest Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Had Your Garlic Shot Yet?"
1st materials science Reilly H. Fastring Little Oak Middle School "Drop It Like It`s Hot"
2nd materials science Prashanth Kodiyalam Westdale Middle School "Environmental Effect on the Strength of Lumber Due to Soaking in Water and Subsequent Drying"
3rd materials science Christopher C. Coffee Harry Hurst Middle School "Be Quiet!"
4th materials science Hannah R. Riddick J.B. Martin Middle School "Smooth Sailing"
HM materials science Elizabeth Jahnke Glasgow Middle School "What Brand of Duct Tape is the Strongest"
1st physics and astronomy Micah Baamonde Classical Conversations of Kenner "Can the Peak Force of a Ball Impacting the Ground be Predicted?"
2nd physics and astronomy Ashini Modi Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Big Bang to Big Freeze"
3rd physics and astronomy Tyler J. Istre F.K. White Middle School "How light and sound interact? "
4th physics and astronomy Thomas Stratton Harry Hurst Middle School "Bottle Flipping"
HM physics and astronomy Pranav Jadhav Glasgow Middle School "Catapults - Best Releaase Angle for the Most Range"
1st plant sciences Destany Woods Ringgold High School "Salvinia:A Growing Problem"
2nd plant sciences Eshika Tandon Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Can anti-cancer agents, Turmeric and Simvastatin, decrease germination and protein content in seeds?"
3rd plant sciences Emmeline L. Meyer International School of Louisiana "How Different Packaging Materials Affect the Time of Fruit Ripening"
4th plant sciences Aarushi Gupta Mandeville Junior High "We`ve bean budding"
HM plant sciences Antoni Staszkiewicz Glasgow Middle School "Too Much of A Good Thing"
1st robotics and intelligent machines Jason D. Park Glasgow Middle School "RBP-Eye for the Visually Impaired"
2nd robotics and intelligent machines Caleb M. Lewis J.B. Martin Middle School "Frightened Grasshopper"
3rd robotics and intelligent machines Anthony G. Rhodes Benjamin Franklin Elementary "Within Arms Reach"
4th robotics and intelligent machines Jack T. Himel Rayne Catholic Elementary "Man vs Machine"
HM robotics and intelligent machines Nathan Bourque
Kobey James Broussard
Armstrong Middle "RAcing Robots"
1st systems software Kalis I. Cook Lafayette Christian Academy "SEC_RITY IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT U"
2nd systems software LaTroy D. Proctor F.K. White Middle School "Video Game Variables"
3rd systems software Joshua Y. Hou Boyet Junior High "Are You RFreID?"
4th systems software Logan M. Millet Christian Brothers School "How Safe Are Your Passwords?"
HM systems software Tyler Wesley West St. John Elementary "VIDEO GAME DESIGNING"
1st translational medical science Siyuan Feng Glasgow Middle School "Can Juices Eliminate Free Radicals"
2nd translational medical science Anmol Mehrotra Glasgow Middle School "Is There Any Hidden Sugar in Your Food"
3rd translational medical science Marcus j. Jacob Catholic High School "The Effects of Smoking on the Lungs"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School Baton Rouge

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR biomedical and health sciences Abhirami Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Hidden Dangers of Second Hand Smoke"
OverAll_2nd JR materials science Reilly H. Fastring Little Oak Middle School "Drop It Like It`s Hot"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place) School
American Meteorologial Society
American Society of Civil Engineers Joseph L. Clary
Joseph L. Clary (1st Place)
Landon Pace (2nd Place)
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Providence Classical Academy
American Society of Sugar Cane Technology Jay M. Iyer (1st Place)
Glasgow Middle School
ASM Materials Education Foundation Reilly H. Fastring
Little Oak Middle School
Association for Women Geoscientists Cindy Xu
Glasgow Middle School
Broadcom MASTERS nominees Micah Baamonde
Emily C. Bradford
Joseph L. Clary
Yehowshua S. Dale
Monica Deras
Reilly H. Fastring
Siyuan Feng
Sarah Gad
Lauren J. Graham
Colin W. Herke
Jay M. Iyer
Abhirami Jeyaseelan
Ananya Kaushal
Christopher J. Kelley
Justin Kim
Prashanth Kodiyalam
Gracie O. Matt
Anmol Mehrotra
Emmeline L. Meyer
Ashini Modi
Classical Conversations of Kenner
Lutcher High School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Lafayette Middle School
Kenilworth Science and Technology
Little Oak Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Alexandria Country Day School
Grace Episcopal School
Westdale Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
FontainBleau Junior High
Phoenix Magnet
Glasgow Middle School
Westdale Middle School
Lafayette Christian Academy
Glasgow Middle School
International School of Louisiana
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
GENIUS Olympiad Reilly H. Fastring
Jay M. Iyer
Abhirami Jeyaseelan
Little Oak Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Iota Sigma Pi Gracie O. Matt
Lafayette Christian Academy
Louiana Science Teachers Association Abigail Nickelson (1st Place)
Ethan M. Marque (2nd Place)
Abby Hymel & Savannah Arceneaux (3rd Place)
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
Gramercy Elementary School
Louisiana Association of Mathematics Teachers Mackenzie Olinger (1st Place)
Zayeed A. Akhter (2nd Place)
Ameesha Paralikar (3rd Place)
Rayne Catholic Elementary
Glasgow Middle School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Louisiana Section of the Air & Waste Management Association Sarah Gad (1st Place)
Eshaan Tandon (2nd Place)
Rex Kilpatrick (3rd Place)
Alexandria Country Day School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Mandeville Junior High
NASA Earth System Science Award Micah Baamonde
Classical Conversations of Kenner
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Sarah Gad
Alexandria Country Day School
Naval Science Award Micah Baamonde
Reilly H. Fastring
Jay M. Iyer
Abhirami Jeyaseelan
Jason D. Park
Classical Conversations of Kenner
Little Oak Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Ricoh Americas Corporation Sarah Gad
Alexandria Country Day School
Society of Women Engineers Elizabeth Jahnke (1st Place)
Madison Verbest (2nd Place)
Morgan Conduff (3rd Place)
Hannah R. Riddick (Honorable Mention)
Caroline Hinkle (Honorable Mention)
Glasgow Middle School
John Curtis Christian
Southfield School
J.B. Martin Middle School
Grace Episcopal School
U.S. Air Force Abhirami Jeyaseelan (1st Place)
Reilly H. Fastring (2nd Place)
Glasgow Middle School
Little Oak Middle School
US Green Building Council Louisiana Chapter Destany Woods
Ringgold High School