2013 State Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Division Winners:
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Joshua M. Courtney Carmel Hill School (homeschool) "Do Rainbow Trout and Their Hybrids Outcompete Cutthroat Trout in a Lentic Ecosystem?"
2nd animal sciences Tanner Parker
Morgan Creel
Winnfield Middle School "What Deer Eat the Most"
3rd animal sciences Leah C. Gaspard Lafayette Christian Academy "Geen Eggs and (Ham) Shrimp: What is the effect of shrimp shells on the yolk color of a chicken egg when fed to chickens as a dietary supplement?"
4th animal sciences Sarah E. McDowell St. Jude School "The Effects of Scented Candles on Mice"
4th animal sciences Kirsten Sibley Webster Junior High School "Bait Debate Episosde 2: Attract of the Glow"
1st behavioral and social sciences Nathan C. Koenig Atonement Lutheran School "Youth Sports:The Values of Sportsmanship"
2nd behavioral and social sciences Jolie Gautreau Westdale Middle School "You Are What You Eat"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Garrett M. Brown Alexandria Country Day School "DWI vs. DWT: Is Drinking and Driving More Dangerous Than Using Your Cell Phone While Driving?"
4th behavioral and social sciences Lindsey C. Licciardi Mandeville Junior High School "Swimming to the Beat"
4th behavioral and social sciences Jared J. Viola Harry M. Hurst Middle School "Tune Up"
1st biochemistry Austin Dismer Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences "How Good Is Your Detergent?"
2nd biochemistry Drake Boudwin St. James Parish Science and Math Academy "Bye, Bye Bacteria!"
3rd biochemistry Stephen P. LeBlanc Prairieville Middle School "Caffeine Buzz"
4th biochemistry Laurel O. Chambers Benton Middle School "The Effect of Carbohydrates on the Dissolution of Aspirin"
4th biochemistry Meagan Thomas Grace Episcopal School "Burning Calories: How Much Energy Is In Different Types of Food"
1st cellular and molecular biology Anusha Zaman Glasgow Middle School "Betel leaf and tobacco effects on human broncho-epithelial (BEAS-2B) cells"
2nd cellular and molecular biology Matthew G. Lewis Harry M. Hurst Middle School "Respiration Affirmation"
3rd cellular and molecular biology Amin Izadpanah Mandeville Junior High School "Stem Cells and Cancer: Friends or Foes"
4th cellular and molecular biology Alexander L. Witt Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School "Can Mutations Be Beneficial?"
4th cellular and molecular biology Svannah Floyd Ruston Jr. High "Light: More than meets the eye"
1st chemistry Nicholas A. Foster Boyet Junior High School "What`s In Your Wallet? It Could Be Drugs!"
2nd chemistry Brynna R. Robert Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies "The Effects of Protease on Gelatin"
3rd chemistry Rohit Rao. Gondi Glasgow Middle School "Does the rate of a chemical reaction change when the particle size of the reactant is changed?"
4th chemistry Rohin W. Gilman Glasgow Middle School "Change in Surface Tension of Water Caused by Soap"
4th chemistry Madylin Kemp Martha Vinyard Elementary "Toothpaste vs Ketchup"
1st computer science Chi L. Cao Glasgow Middle School "Home for Hubs"
2nd computer science William S. Heitman Glasgow Middle School "What elements of a video game affect blind gamers the most?"
3rd computer science Jackson Nieto Fontainebleau Junior High School "Programming Python"
4th computer science Hannah P. Busher Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies "Will Unique DNA Sequences Create Unique DNA Fingerprints"
4th computer science Tori Laviolette Parks Middle School "Does Font Style Affect File Size"
1st earth and planetary science Behram N. Dossabhoy
Kyle Kaltenbach
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School "Climb High, Climb Far"
2nd earth and planetary science Desire Gardner Kenilworth Science and Technology School "The presence of chromated copper arsenate on east baton rouge parish school grounds"
3rd earth and planetary science Nikolas E. Wismar Atonement Lutheran School "Do Levees Along the Mississippi River Add to the Marsh Erosion in Louisiana`s Marshlands"
4th earth and planetary science Alexandra P. Guidry Armstrong Middle School "Crystal Growth: The Effects of Heat and Cold"
4th earth and planetary science Robert L. Knight Grace Episcopal School "Who`s Facing North"
1st engineering: electrical and mechanical Joshua A. Hartley
Alexis Lang
John Curtis Christian Middle School "Underwater nondestructive testing can be effectively monitored utilizing live feed video installed on a small scale remotely operated vehicle (ROV)."
2nd engineering: electrical and mechanical Anthony M. Leon Benton Middle School "Wire Power: Does electricity move better through thick or thin wire"
3rd engineering: electrical and mechanical Deepti Vaidyanathan Glasgow Middle School "Here Comes the Sun"
4th engineering: electrical and mechanical Lauren E. Lattier Mt. Carmel School "Don`t Rock The Boat"
4th engineering: electrical and mechanical Michael K. Hawthorne Our Lady of Prompt Succor "Batter Up!"
1st environmental management Renee M. Trepagnier Catholic High of Pointe Coupee "Sunny Days to Cleaner Water"
2nd environmental management Bailey A. Sitarz St. Peter School "Levees: Holding Back The Force of Nature"
3rd environmental management Chance E. Lyon Southfield School "Can Whooping Cranes Be Re-introduced Into Louisiana?"
4th environmental management Rowdy K. Scott Lutcher High School "Goo Be Gone"
4th environmental management Savannah G. Green Winnfield Middle School "Goo-Be-Gone: Cleaning Up Oil Spills"
1st engineering: materials and bioengineering Bryce L. Turney Lafayette Christian Academy "Human Hand Anatomy in Robotic Hand Technology"
2nd engineering: materials and bioengineering Dylan Spedale Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy East "Effect of CLD On Pure Metals"
3rd engineering: materials and bioengineering Tre Nix Kenilworth Science and Technology School "Roof shingle recycling"
4th engineering: materials and bioengineering Nicholas Thompson St. Jude "Bend Dat!"
4th engineering: materials and bioengineering Paige E. Frost Alexandria Country Day School "TO GLOW OR NOT TO GLOW"
1st energy and transportation Jonathon T. Fritz Mandeville Junior High School "What`s Your Octane?"
2nd energy and transportation Devin P. Schexnayder Paulina Elementary School "Rocking the Boat"
3rd energy and transportation Kira E. Yeates Benton Middle School "What Angle Are You"
4th energy and transportation Salim Lutfallah Alexandria Country Day School "The Power of Poop"
4th energy and transportation Colton J. Lobitz Harry M. Hurst Middle School "Efficiency Improvements With HHO"
1st environmental sciences Jacob V. LeBlanc St. Paul`s Junior High School "Swimming in Acid"
2nd environmental sciences Aishwarya Natarajan Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies "what is the Most Efficient method of water Purification?"
3rd environmental sciences Shelby F. Myers Westminster Christian Academy "Oil...Can`t Live With It, Can`t Live Without It!"
4th environmental sciences Garrett A. Peavy Benton Middle School "Cleaning Up Oil Spills"
4th environmental sciences Katie E. McCall Immaculate Conception Cathedral School "Removing Oil From The Soil"
1st mathematical sciences Marie Neubrander Glasgow Middle School "Random Walks and Fractal Images"
2nd mathematical sciences Michael J. Barkemeyer Christian Brothers School (Boys) "Do travel factors or common football statistics have a greater impact on the outcome of an NFL game?"
3rd mathematical sciences Kadi H. Runnels Glasgow Middle School "Making Loaded Dice"
4th mathematical sciences Samuel A. Hudgens Grant Junior High School "The Mathematics of Music"
4th mathematical sciences Caleb Ayton Harry M. Hurst Middle School "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Which Angle is the Fairest of Them All?"
1st medicine and health sciences Anugrah Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Antibiotics: Natural vs. Pharmaceutical"
2nd medicine and health sciences Katherine Burkett Grace Episcopal School "Brain Beat"
3rd medicine and health sciences Margaret E. Larsen Mandeville Junior High School "Discover the Best Way to Recover"
4th medicine and health sciences Zoe Perez Catholic High School "Which Stitch? A Comparison of the Strength of Different Suture Methods"
4th medicine and health sciences Natalie M. Daigle Scott M. Brame Middle School "Arches, Loops& Whorls O`My"
1st microbiology Grant Lambert
Derrick Aucoin
Pierre Part Middle School "Fishing for Answers: Analysis of a Failing Freshwater Ecosystem"
2nd microbiology Lucas Coleman Southeastern LA University Lab School "When It Rains , Does it Pour Bacteria?"
3rd microbiology Lucy Ryder J. I. Watson Middle School "My Very Own Biome"
4th microbiology Kelsie A. Guzik Glasgow Middle School "Swabbing Samples, Battling Bacteria, Counting Colonies, Finding Fungus"
4th microbiology Injee Hong Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies "Are There Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Our Meat?"
1st physics and astronomy Andrew J. Cowen Alexandria Country Day School "Round and Round It Goes"
2nd physics and astronomy Jaina Ange St. Margaret School "Is Your Toilet Paper Clogging Your Toilet?"
3rd physics and astronomy Sagar K. Patel Red River Junior High School "MAG-NIFICENT MORNING MEAL"
4th physics and astronomy William Fitterer
Alex Alexander
Fontainebleau Junior High "Putting on the Pressure"
4th physics and astronomy Zachary R. Mincey Galvez Middle School "7mm-08 Rifle Ballistics"
1st plant sciences Alaa N. Malik Mandeville Junior High School "The Biggest Loser"
2nd plant sciences John Michael D. Frick Alexandria Country Day School "Emerging Pollutants"
3rd plant sciences Aline MJ. van den Bold Westdale Middle School "Do Tendrils Have a Sense of Touch?"
4th plant sciences Tori M. Frederick Catahoula Elementary School "Do Earthworms Help Plants to Grow?"
4th plant sciences Andrew Bellah Southfield School "Cryopreservation"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School  

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR medicine and health sciences Anugrah Jeyaseelan Glasgow Middle School "Antibiotics: Natural vs. Pharmaceutical"
OverAll_2nd JR chemistry Nicholas A. Foster Boyet Junior High School "What`s In Your Wallet? It Could Be Drugs!"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place)
American Psychological Association Nathan C. Koenig  
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) Colton J. Lobitz   (First Place)
Nicholas Thompson   (Second Place)
ASM Materials Education Foundation Tre Nix  
Association for Women Geoscientists Desire Gardner  
Gamma Sigma Delta award for Agriculture Matthew G. Lewis  
Chance E. Lyon  
Cailey C. Vidrine  
Iota Sigma Pi Anusha Zaman  
Louiana Science Teachers Association Jennifer F. Johnson   (First Place)
Kathryn C. Simon   (Third Place)
Michael A. Watts   (Second Place)
Louisiana Mosquito Association Dennis Bergeron  
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Behram N. Dossabhoy  
Jacob V. LeBlanc  
National Society of Professional Engineers Joshua A. Hartley  
Naval Science Award Kirsten M. Barrios  
Elizabeth A. Martin  
Chandler M. Mixon  
Ricoh Americas Corporation Aishwarya Natarajan  
Society of Women Engineers Lelia A. Batson   (Second Place)
Paige E. Frost   (First Place)
Deepti Vaidyanathan   (Third Place)