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Logging in and out of Your Online Course
Logging in to your online course is easy. From the LSU Independent and Distance Learning Home page, select “enrolled students,” and then online course login. You can also login from the LSU StudyNet home page choose the link labeled: Login here. You will be prompted for your user name and password (please read the section below entitled Password and User ID). The login screen will look similar to the one below:

Once you have successfully logged in to your course, your login ID and password will be retained by the browser until you exit the browser. This allows you to visit links outside the course program without having to login again. You can also bookmark any page in your course and the log in prompt will appear on the bookmarked page rather than at the start of the course.

When you visit outside links, be aware that the browser sometimes opens a second window. If you are having problems, check the taskbar to see if there is more than one copy of the browser open.

Password and User ID
Your user ID and password will be assigned to you by LSU Independent and Distance Learning. For each course in which you are enrolled, you will receive a unique user ID. Your password will be the same for every course.
  • Your user ID is your enrollment number.
  • Your password is the first two letters of your last name and last four digits of your social security number. The password is case sensitive, so make sure that the first letter of your last name is upper case and the second letter is lower case.

For example, if my name is John Smith, and my social security number is 123-45-6789, my password would be Sm6789.

Independent and Distance Learning Online (ISO) Home Page
Once you log in you will arrive at the Independent and Distance Learning Online (ISO) Home Page:

You will have a different Home Page screen for each course in which you are enrolled.
NOTE 2: You can return to this Home Page at any time by selecting Course Information (Just above your name.)

A home page contains:

  • (1) Four Links:
    • Course Information - Click here to return to this Home Page.
    • Instructor - Name of the instructor offering this course.
    • Lesson Assignments - Assignments and online submission of assignments.
    • Policies - Independent and Distance Learning's procedures and rules for all students.

  • (2) Your Name - Course Department Code and Number.

  • (3) Course Name.

  • (4) Table of Contents - Which contains all of the books, material and supplemental material needed to complete this course. Read this section very carefully.

For more help with Independent and Distance Learning Online (ISO) click here.

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