2018 State Science and Engineering Fair (Junior Division)

Category Winners:     (HM = Honourable Mention)
Place Category Student School Project Title
1st animal sciences Mark V. Enright
Dawson Bordelon
Saint Margaret Mary School "Does Moon Phase Affect Deer Movement?"
2nd animal sciences Ava M. Prestenbach Youree Drive AP Middle Magnet "Guinea Pig Food Color Preferences"
3rd animal sciences Benjamin T. Taravella John Curtis Christian "What is the conduction velocity of a earthworm`s neuron ?"
4th animal sciences Jace Fonseca
Aubin Adams
Montegut Middle School "Pink Mischief"
HM animal sciences Sarah M. Blanchard Opelousas Catholic High School "The Royal Experiment: Requeening Africanized Bees"
1st biochemistry Andrew C. Minagar Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Healing Wounds with Glucose"
2nd biochemistry Gabriel J. Bayonne Alexandria Country Day School "Sandman VS the Pansy"
3rd biochemistry Camille Taylor Grace Episcopal School "Renew Your "Do""
4th biochemistry Reece L. Poirier Parks Middle School "Which type of container will preserve fruits the longest?"
HM biochemistry James C. Balart St. George Catholic School "Extinguishing Heartburn"
1st behavioral and social sciences Emerson R. Milligan First Baptist Church School "The Brains Behind "Where`s Waldo?""
2nd behavioral and social sciences Reagan Peters-Roussell Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "What Frequency is the Most Common Absolute Threshold of Sensation?"
3rd behavioral and social sciences Kendall May Courtney Christian School "Pass or Repeat: Not Knowing Could Hurt U.S. All"
4th behavioral and social sciences Catherine "Katie" E. Wang Glasgow Middle School "Big or Small: Does larger line spacing affect how fast a person can read aloud with accuracy?"
HM behavioral and social sciences Gabe Smith Northlake Christian School "Is Yawning Contagious? "
1st biomedical engineering Payton M. Prichard Benton Middle School "A Helping Hand"
2nd biomedical engineering Grishma Shrestha Glasgow Middle School "Hair and Protein"
3rd biomedical engineering Katheryne Hebert
Victoria Terecero
Crescent Elementary "Cochlear Implant To Hear"
1st biomedical and health sciences Kailie D. Carrigee Harry Hurst Middle School "Does Gum Make You Smarter?"
2nd biomedical and health sciences Riya Ahuja St. Mark`s Cathedral School "Best Antacid for Raising Ph of Soft Drinks"
3rd biomedical and health sciences Amy Z. Gao Glasgow Middle School "How fast do breast and prostate cancer cells grow in different amounts of glucose?"
4th biomedical and health sciences Andrea M. Thompson St. Jude the Apostle School "UV Rays"
HM biomedical and health sciences Liyah Ernest Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Battle of the Herbs"
1st computational biology and bioinformatics Abby Lyle Grace Episcopal School "Toxic Towns"
2nd computational biology and bioinformatics Orna Mukhopadhyay Glasgow Middle School "Predicting the Toxicity of Drug Compounds Based on Features of their Molecular Structure Before Clinical Trials"
3rd computational biology and bioinformatics Sohan Z. Atluri Glasgow Middle School "Which pain killer hs the fastest dissolution time"
1st cellular and molecular biology Grant Guillot St. Elizabeth School "Why Do Pirates Wear Eye-patches?"
2nd cellular and molecular biology Ephraim Craddock Galvez Middle School "Exploring Molecule Mass: Using Electrophoresis to Compare Color Dye Mass"
3rd cellular and molecular biology River Boultinghouse Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy - East "Rate of Diffusion"
4th cellular and molecular biology Aaliyah R. Arvie Westminster Christian Academy "Osmosis and Diffusion across a Semipermeable Membrane"
HM cellular and molecular biology MaHari I. Berry Lincoln Preparatory School "How Does Smell Affect Taste"
1st chemistry Emma Tsai Glasgow Middle School "Vitamin C Quantity in Raw and Cooked Tomatoes"
2nd chemistry Neely C. Teekell Alexandria Country Day School "Save Vitamin C: Color Matters"
3rd chemistry Addie Nickelson Grace Episcopal School "Antacid Action"
4th chemistry Daniel Wall Courtney Christian School "The Penny Project"
HM chemistry Lilly M. Cazabon Atonement Lutheran School "The Effect of Synthetic vs. Natural Materials on Preventing Stains"
1st earth and environmental sciences Grace A. Rawls Harry Hurst Middle School "Water Hyacinth: The True Killers"
2nd earth and environmental sciences Aaroh M. Desai Glasgow Middle School "OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW - A TALE OF TWO PLASTICS"
3rd earth and environmental sciences Shreya B. Gohil Kinder Middle School "A Comparison Of The Sun`s Angle With UVA & UVB On Different Surfaces of the Earth"
4th earth and environmental sciences Gabriel M. Lamperez Catholic High School "A Comparison of the Ozone Levels in 3 Different Areas of the United States"
HM earth and environmental sciences Ayah A. Ghanem Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy "Every Ozone Hole is a Threat to Our Soul!"
1st embedded systems Benjamin P. Beasley Glasgow Middle School "SATA vs. IDE"
2nd embedded systems Gabriel J. Fontenot Sacred Heart "Taming of the Laser"
3rd embedded systems Kadeem M. Allen Westdale Middle School "Conductor or Insulator"
4th embedded systems Grayson Barron John Curtis Christian "Recycling for Energy"
HM embedded systems Andrew W. Neely Alexandria Country Day School "The Real Green Energy"
1st energy: chemical Gretchen Olah First Baptist Church School "Which Battery Brand Lasts The Longest?"
2nd energy: chemical Leah C. Trahan Albert Cammon Middle School "Batteries : To Freeze or not to Freeze?"
3rd energy: chemical Dorian Elzie Kenilworth Science and Technology "Nanoparticles"
4th energy: chemical Ella M. Hays
Charlize Richardson
Jesus Good Shepherd School "How Flexible Is Your Fuel?"
HM energy: chemical Tyler C. McVay Alexandria Country Day School "A Battery That Makes Cents"
1st environmental engineering Mai A. Burrell Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Sediment Slurry Machine"
2nd environmental engineering Katie Claire Ferrier Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Save the Spill"
3rd environmental engineering Kate P. Myers Cedar Creek School "Which Landfill Liner is Better?"
4th environmental engineering Carter Domangue Mulberry Elementary School "The Energizing Wind!"
HM environmental engineering Andrew Martin
Meghan Martin
Boyet Junior High "What`s in Your Water?"
1st engineering mechanics Aja N. Crum Hamilton Christian School "Beam me up Scotty"
2nd engineering mechanics Ashley S. Kim Glasgow Middle School "Gyroscope:Behind the Sciences"
3rd engineering mechanics Owen Delhomme Rayne Catholic Elementary "It`s on the Line"
4th engineering mechanics Belle R. Fine Alexandria Country Day School "Frigid Frequency"
HM engineering mechanics Josephine Day Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy - East "Length and handle of keel reducing rocking time"
1st energy: physical Rachel Pizzolato John Curtis Christian "Improving 3D Printed Turbine Efficiency by Exploiting the “Lotus Effect” Through the Application of Silicon Nanoparticles to Turbine Blade Surfaces and Varying the Wind Diverter Angle of a Venturi"
2nd energy: physical Abigail Meenach Benton Middle School "Every Drop Counts"
3rd energy: physical Kathryn N. Mayeaux Saint Margaret Mary School "Making the Call!: Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?"
4th energy: physical Katie L. Wilfer Immaculate Conception Cathedral School "What is the Fastest Way to Cool a Soda ?"
HM energy: physical Dakota B. Smith Donnie Bickham Middle School "Does the Arrow Mass Affect the Accuracy of the Shot?"
1st mathematics Calvin D. Alexander Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Eratosthenes`s Method: Fact or Fiction?"
2nd mathematics Luke M. Guidry Bayou Community Academy "What`s the Fastest Way to Solve a Rubik`s Cube?"
3rd mathematics Dylan J. Fontenot S. P. Arnett Middle School "Parabolic Cooking"
4th mathematics Aidan L. Couvillon Christian Brothers School "Soccer Physics "
4th mathematics Alexander Z. Wei Glasgow Middle School "The Development of Strategies of a Simple Counting Game."
1st microbiology Patrick J. Murphy The Dunham School "Teenagers vs. Healthcare Workers: Whose Phones Contain More Bacteria"
2nd microbiology Cecilia Cina Lafayette Christian Academy "Germ Wars"
3rd microbiology Madison E. Benton The Dunham School "How Vessel Size Affects Bacterial Growth"
4th microbiology Jason A. Roy Grace Episcopal School "Superbugs!"
HM microbiology Sophie Cramond Northlake Christian School "Ice Ice Baby"
1st materials science Nikita A. Takalkar Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "The Mystery of the Disappearing WiFi"
2nd materials science Estelle M. Mensman St. Jude the Apostle School "Which Eggs Are Most Permeable?"
3rd materials science Bethany Gray
Addison Jacobson
Winnfield Middle School ""Super" Glue"
4th materials science Jay H. Childs Saint Joan of Arc "Which Whitening Toothpaste Works Best?"
HM materials science Elizabeth h. Jahnke Glasgow Middle School "Which brand of duct tape is the stickiest?"
1st physics and astronomy Ashini Modi Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Photometric Detection of Extra Solar Planetary Transits Across Sun-Like Stars"
2nd physics and astronomy Reilly H. Fastring Boyet Junior High "Roll With It"
3rd physics and astronomy Hannah M. Jacobs Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Does The Shape of a Coronal Mass Ejection Affect Its Velocity?"
4th physics and astronomy Jonas M. Baamonde Classical Conversations of Kenner "Does the Type of Wood Affect the Depth a Nail is Driven by a Single Hammer Strike?"
HM physics and astronomy Chantz Britton
Charlie Collins
J. S. Clark Magnet School "Steam Powered Rocket Ship"
1st plant sciences Trilby A. Hill Fifth Ward Junior High "Bug Off My Plants"
2nd plant sciences Lauren Ejiaga Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Saltwater Intrusion: How Does it Affect Our Ecosystem?"
3rd plant sciences Destany N. Woods Ringgold High School "Salvinia: A problem still growing"
4th plant sciences Chloe Claudio Ringgold High School "Just Nuke It"
HM plant sciences Mileah S. Hugh Prairieville Middle School "Grass Growing Fun"
1st robotics and intelligent machines Kyla G. Abshire St. Michael School "Racing Insect Bots"
2nd robotics and intelligent machines Iyauna M. Vicks Bayou Community Academy "Maze Navigator "
3rd robotics and intelligent machines Justis M. Zachary Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy- West "Military Scout Bot"
4th robotics and intelligent machines Jason DeCuir Lake Forest Elementary Charter School "Light Tracking Bristlebot"
1st systems software Wilson Y. Hou Boyet Junior High "Is That Tumor A Rumor?"
2nd systems software Luke T. Viator
Reid Baye
St. Elizabeth School "Global Positioning Systems: How Accurate Are Smart Phones?"
3rd systems software Zachary Decuir Glasgow Middle School "The Security Of Security Questions"
4th systems software William Z. Wei Glasgow Middle School "Exploring the Generation of Hybrid Images"
HM systems software Nathan Gendron Hammond Westside Montessori "The Elements of Hacking"
1st translational medical science Tyler Vosburg Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee "A Better Clean"
2nd translational medical science Ashmi M. Desai Glasgow Middle School "Impact of Alcohol and Tobacco on Plant Embryo"

Top School:
School City
Glasgow Middle School Baton Rouge

Overall Winners:
Awards Div Category Student School Project Title
OverAll_1st JR physics and astronomy Ashini Modi Caddo Parish Middle Magnet "Photometric Detection of Extra Solar Planetary Transits Across Sun-Like Stars"
OverAll_2nd JR physics and astronomy Reilly H. Fastring Boyet Junior High "Roll With It"

Special Awards:
Award Name   (Place) School
American Meteorological Society
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) Josephine Day (1st Place,$200)
Collin D. Null (2nd Place,$100)
Iberville Math, Science, and Arts Academy - East
Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
American Society of Sugar Cane Technology Ella M. Hays & Charlize Richardson ($200)
Luke T. Viator & Reid Baye ($200)
Jesus Good Shepherd School
St. Elizabeth School
Broadcom MASTERS nominees Calvin D. Alexander
Madison E. Benton
Kailie D. Carrigee
Cecilia Cina
Chloe Claudio
Sophie Cramond
Aja N. Crum
Lauren Ejiaga
Reilly H. Fastring
Luke M. Guidry
Trilby A. Hill
Mileah S. Hugh
Hannah M. Jacobs
Abby Lyle
Estelle M. Mensman
Emerson R. Milligan
Andrew C. Minagar
Ashini Modi
Patrick J. Murphy
Addie Nickelson
Rachel Pizzolato
Jason A. Roy
Nikita A. Takalkar
Neely C. Teekell
Emma Tsai
Eric T. Wang
Destany N. Woods
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
The Dunham School
Harry Hurst Middle School
Lafayette Christian Academy
Ringgold High School
Northlake Christian School
Hamilton Christian School
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
Boyet Junior High
Bayou Community Academy
Fifth Ward Junior High
Prairieville Middle School
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
Grace Episcopal School
St. Jude the Apostle School
First Baptist Church School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
The Dunham School
Grace Episcopal School
John Curtis Christian
Grace Episcopal School
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
Alexandria Country Day School
Glasgow Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Ringgold High School
Iota Sigma Pi Emma Tsai (Just Announcement, "Prize will be mailed")
Glasgow Middle School
Louiana Science Teachers Association Reagan Peters-Roussell (1st Place)
Opal M. Hearst (2nd Place)
Kendall May (3rd Place)
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
Homeschooling Heroes
Courtney Christian School
Louisiana Association of Mathematics Teachers Calvin D. Alexander (1st Place,$100)
Dylan J. Fontenot (2nd Place,$50)
Alexander Z. Wei (3rd Place,$25)
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
S. P. Arnett Middle School
Glasgow Middle School
Naval Science Award Aja N. Crum
Reilly H. Fastring
Trilby A. Hill
Ashini Modi
Patrick J. Murphy
Hamilton Christian School
Boyet Junior High
Fifth Ward Junior High
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet
The Dunham School
U.S. Air Force Aja N. Crum
Reilly H. Fastring
Trilby A. Hill
Ashini Modi
Hamilton Christian School
Boyet Junior High
Fifth Ward Junior High
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet